Come out grown

It doesn’t take much to want something; the whole idea is one thought away. It takes a whole lot more than wanting to get anything good.

As I look back on my last 38 years, I see a lot of blanks that went unfilled. As hard as I believe I have worked, I left a lot on the table, walked away from plenty of challenges, and left much unsaid, undone, or unfinished.

I can sit here and say “never again!”, but honestly, it’s going to take more than one decision, one day, and one person to push even harder tomorrow than all the other days that came prior.

Sweeping statements looks old on paper, but no one can paint the splendour in the sky overnight. 38 years worth of habits are difficult to change, even if you see them, want them changed, and know they must be gone. Eventually you’ll change with time and reasons, life will assure that especially when you want something to last.

Change is part of your fate, don’t fight it.

Battles are fought everyday, on all fronts, in every way, and with many different outcomes. You win some, you may lose many more, but neither result matters nearly as much as the resolve to fight on. You can win a million battles and still lose the war. You can also lose a million battles and win the war.

Win or lose, today or tomorrow, keep hope alive and another chance will present itself. And you never know, tomorrow could be the battle to win the war, or lose it all over again.

Keep your head up, look further than you’ve come and beyond the peaks you’ve climbed, nowhere on them you were meant to settle. All were a gift, and so is everything if you look deeper on them with the right mindset.

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