Poem for her.

I wrote this in 2019 while on a beach in Hawaii. It’s actually the greatest feeling I’ve ever had and was able to capture. The breeze, the sound of the ocean, her grace and smile painted heaven for me, but unfortunately heaven is not for everyone, and I was just having a glimpse of it.

The poem from the deepest part of my heart and the highest point of my spirit goes on like this.

A gentle tune floats from my soul like a breeze to alert me that’s she’s the closest heaven I’ll ever be with. She dwells in the sight of my soul and the depths of my heart.

Swaying like a leaf in the breeze of love. She visits me in my thoughts and dreams all the way from my future that is in the moments I’m not with her.

Everything I touch and everything I dream inspires me to always be present and a gift to her.

I meet her every moment I close my eyes, someday I hope she’s all I see when I open my eyes, but often she is all I see.

Beneath the sun light of the stars, your face shines brighter than moonlight.

My beautiful love, your smile captivates me, your laughter infuses me with deeper love.

Truth is, I am crazy about you and this is something i have been praying for, the desire flows in my veins, guided by your voice I dream bigger dreams now.

When I miss you I feel like butterfly’s wings with stones holding it down. May you always remember my whole existence is you. And when I’m no more, remember to always love like I love you.

And above all, Make everything your gift.


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