The journey


Life takes us to places we’ve never been because our path goes through there. It is there where we are now and we should do what life wants us to do. Learning and building, so we can be who we’ve never been, and do things we’ve never done to have what we’ve never had. The journey always get better when we don’t camp around our defeat.

I’ve always loved you and that will never change

387864_2698454859936_1128548246_nI know each day I hurt because I don’t show or let you know how much I love you, but this pain is what makes me feel closer to you than never feel anything at all. I feel this way because within me floods something that was meant for you, and it’s really hard to share it with anyone no matter how much I try.

I’ve always loved even before I knew your name.
I’ve always loved even before I heard your voice.
I’ve always loved you even before you felt your first wind.
I’ve always loved you even before you took your first breath.
I’ve always loved you even before you first smiled.
I’ve always loved you even before you saw your first Sun.
I’ve always loved you even before you took your first step.

Whoever you grow to even become, know that I love you more than you ever know.

Never be like anyone for its not ways of warriors. Find me, for I’m leaving the lights on so I can always stay awake waiting for you. You’re my dream, sleep will not rest me or help me see you.

I love you in ways you never knew.  I’m going to hold on to this, because it’s the only way I get to hold you. You are mine, I love you for that and so much more that you are and mean to me.

Forgive me for not being there for you. If there was a way I could turn back or forward the time so we could be together, I’ll do it in a heartbeat to have that glorious chance, and will never ever let you go.

I’m dying to see that day you stand by my side, you’ll be more than a Son or a friend or anyone that has ever existed in my life. You’ll be everything and only one that I breathe for. 

I love you Christopher Kiploingwani Chemirmir, I’ll always do and that will never fade nor change.

Be a benevolent warrior

kPeople often ask me, how can you be always kind to others and hard to break into anger. Its easy, live each day as if it is your last, and you’ll begin to realize that all the fear of not having is selfishness in disguise, and that you have so much to give today.

Acknowledging today to be your last day will change you into a compassionate person, warriors we believe this new state of being compels the spirit to live loudly than all feelings that hides beneath our skin.

My ancestors used to believe, In life there’s only one chance to be born, from there after each morning is a resurrection, first breath of a new life is what we greet the sunrise with. The rest that we strive for and courses we take beneath the sun builds who we become, let who you become have a spine thats never bended by ill feelings and desires.

Religion came and changed all that, they say you must be born again because we’re all sinners. My ancestors did not believe that even I, for they had their own way which says we’re all selfish. If you know you’re a sinner, you can continue to sin, and then go ask for forgiveness. But there’s no one to ask for forgiveness when you’re being selfish but only self can forgive by sharing, by becoming benevolent.

Our lives is designed by attraction, which makes us need this, want that for self benefit and run around in circles doing the same thing blindly over and over. When one acknowledges he’s selfish he begins to feel guilt which compels him to have sight of life’s ultimate path that holds his purpose. A path of selflessness. My friend, find this path, and you will find the warrior you’re destined to be.

Passionate about making champions

rbz-Fit-City-KipRunning-01People sometimes ask me how much I think about fitness. The truth is, I think about fitness as much as I think about breathing, which is just about never. When you live something, you don’t have to think much about it at all. It’s already in everything you do; it’s already who you are.

Over time, things that were once laborious should become effortless. After all, if they are still as difficult as they once were, where is the progress in that?

As you look better, you should BE better. My goal is to make fitness look reasonable, enjoyable, even, so that others maybe drawn to begin the same journey.