Do your best if the future or world depends on you 

​I believe the purpose of life is a life full of purpose. Since I was young, I was bred to demand from self and ask of life to shine meaning in everyone who is searching. Life is simple it’s just not easy, would you not agree? A life without cause is a life without effect. Patience is the companion of wisdom. Patience is also a form of action, beware the fury of a patient person. I try as much as I can to surround myself with those who have a winning spirit, who even without saying to me, my soul hears them saying Give me your best shot with your work Kip, I’m going to win or become better. Whether it is a celebrity, a pro athlete, a weekend warrior, or a person who want to heal or stay or achieve their best, I give them all the same with the time I have because I do what I do for them to be nothing less than their best. I try to remind them often as I can to learn to smile at every situation, see it as an opportunity to prove your strength and ability, to always dig deeper and always show spirit more than emotions, for spirit will compel you to show your strength and your best, and emotions will trick you to show your weakness, pain and excuses. The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude. Staying positive is one of the hardest fights even to a warrior like me, but luckily we’re taught to look inward to speak with our inner-self to bring out the spirit that will fight till what we are facing begs for peace. With state of mind like these we become quick to say you’re not going to make me have a bad day, if there’s oxygen on earth and I’m breathing, it’s going to be a good day. You and I have lived this part many times and in different forms before. Be wise to remember that,so you don’t succumb to it. Life is Good.

Tomorrow may never come

​I share with you this spark to in the live now. for there may be no tomorrow. No next week. Next month. Next year. Live your best life now. The world around us may be full of mess, hatred and sadness, but we don’t need to be part of that. If it is not about love and peace, avoid what is continually being preached unto you, for once you give them your soul, your spirit will be lost and you will not be the same without your joy and happiness that you’re meant to have. So much that is out there is not us, we will die and leave so much grief and anger if we fight them, but if we love, our life will be greater.

Wisdom from the animal kingdom 

 Yup everything has a meaning, and everything speaks to us.

It goes like this.
I’m only given what I need.

I’m led to where I need to be.

I am whom I’m needed to be.

I have abilty to trsnsform, for like a tree I must grow and reach higher.
Like an elephant, I don’t need to be reminded or remember to be strong, for I am strong, a warrior strong.

Like a river, my journey will have many turns and falls, it will be treacherous at times, but I know that I must keep on going, because my life is a journey, not only to the sea, but must give a piece of my soul to those along my way. hurrying to make it to the sea is not my dream because I know I will still make it there on my way or the other.
Like the wind, my spirit must remain free of faith and hope on other things not even myself, for I’m meant only to be, do and go where my spirit leads me.

Like the mountain, I must never forget who I am, how far I can carry, see or reach.
Like the Moon, my wounds must never keep me from shining and living my life, whether I’m a star or not, I must always shine, because we all can, and the smile in our face is all I need to know I’m alive.

Like the leopard, I must never be lonely no matter how long alone I may live. Skillful, determined, humble and enlightened hunter is my gift.
Like a cheetah, I must always know my limits, but always challenge them because what I’m after demands I must not be afraid to go hard or come closer to death / Give 100% at all time I’m after a goal.

Like the Sun, I must never show my weakness to those I love.

Like the giraffe, I must always reach for the highest, not forgetting to look the furthest because it where we’re meant to go.

Like the zebra, we’re not black or white. Be human for it is who you truly are.
It gets interesting form here🙂
We should not eat too much for we may become fat like a hippo.

We must not be greedy, for the world will know and see us as hyenas.

The air we breathe is scared, don’t be a donkey, for the sound that  comes out of your back that has no words ruins the smiles that brightens the room. Always be respectful of what is sacred.

We must be mindful of those sleep with so we don’t snore all night like a thousand pregnant warthogs. Sleep is very important to us, especially to those we love and care most to us.

Be clean, for you’re not a pig. And where there’s a line or people following you, do not be a tortoise. Be graceful like the gazelle and swift like a lion.

Like a tiger, your eyes must always be aware and know where you’re going or about to pick.

We must not annoy people, for we will be seen as flies and bugs, remember, it is the little things that annoys, stings and hurt the most.