Bet better each day

When you look in to the past it seems like it was difficult and even painful. Today, tomorrow and day after will also seem like the past if the past is still alive in your heart.

Whatever you’ve lost, gain more. How far you’ve come, keep going further. Whatever may have changed, create a new one. Today is a chance and tomorrow is forgiveness, and yesterday and days past are lessons.

The journey will always be hard, just because you have blisters in your hands and feet means your hands and feet are broken. Don’t let your future to look like your past. Be better each day, and much will not follow you for they have no strength to cling into your life.

Love one another

it is not wise to join others who are angry and hateful, for you will lost in them and with them. Be one with your body, spirit and mind, and choose to love. When you love and create peace, you’re brave. When you hate and and speak with anger, you’re consumed by fear.

Thing to say to your coach

Give me speed and I’ll embrace it.
Give me distance and I’ll go with heart.
Give me hills and I’ll clober them.
Give me your hardest and I’ll give you my toughest.
Give me race and I’ll make you proud.
Your guidance and belief in me is not something I could easily let down, doubt or betray, my best is the reason I rise each morning to give.

Being hungry doesn’t make us great hunter, only a master can teach us how. Listen to your master for you’re a student.. Respect your coach, if you don’t have one, find one.

We are all one

We are all one, only egos, beliefs, religion, politics and fears separates us.
We are all home, only borders, rivers, fences and oceans separates us. We are also the same color too, just look at our shadows. We can all love one another, only we’ve let others teach us how to love and that separates us from the love were capable of showing. No matter who we are, where we comw from, what we do, where we are.

We were all born, we are alive because of grace thats in the spirit of life, and one day the spirit of life will take this gift that we so take for granted, and spending it making others suffer. We are human and its our responsibility to take care, cherish and love one another, lets not forget that.

Each day we say unto one another. Follow your dreams. Follow your heart. Work hard and you will achieve what you seek. Make a sacrifice to live the life you want. Do what you can to save others. Home is where the heart is, for me this destiny and beliefs brought me to America.

This belief drives out of the house we were born in, because we believe we can do better for ourselves and to others if we go far. During the years I’ve been here I’ve changed many lives, many of them I’ve never met. Each day I rise with the same purpose of making those I’m responsible for become better in their lives. Like a warrior I was taught to be, in this life I don’t have much to claim, but I have abundant of strength and compassion to share.

My home is where I am and able to do good to many, so are you. When the day my life on earth ends I will have nothing to take with me, so is everyone else, for me all I can do is not take but build the best of all I can, so I can leave here better than I found it. I’m a warrior, a father, a friend and a great citizen of earth who wants to see peace, compassion and hard work prevail.