Pleasure and pain

The nature of material life is that pleasure and pain, happiness and sadness coexist and constantly change from one to the other. That is the nature of this world. Yet regardless of which polarity you are feeling at the moment, your innate consciousness is still shining with purity, love, wholeness, peace, and joy.


Total engagement in anything you do gives you tremendous power and fulfillment. Every moment, you can make the choice of what you want and then train both your body (including your physical actions) and your mind to move in that one direction.

Be better

Believe in your relevance. Never underestimate the weight of your words. Don’t ever miss the chance to tell people how much they mean to you, even if you think you mean nothing to them. Make someone’s day, even if no one makes yours. Believe me, the world needs more of that.
We can do better.

Be the warrior you need to be

Believe you can make it, then invest on your ability, body and time to make it to where you seek to be.

It is wise if you begin this journey early, so then you can stop the ambition of your weaknesses and be more than prepared and have teamed up with your spirit to tame pain and understood its purpose in your quest and life.


Love is what matters, we come into this world with nothing other than love, then raised by it, share it, enjoy it and then we leave with nothing other than love.

Profession, career, bank account, our goods are just tools, nothing more. Everything stays here. Love, as if there was nothing more important in your life.

Practice stoicism

My friend,  you mustn’t be hard on yourself.
There’s literally more than a million people on earth right now who dream to be like you, to be where you are, to have what you have.

You’re literally someone’s ultimate dream.
Try to live an inspiring life, you do not know who’s watching and learning from you and inspired by you.

Remember,  you are what you think. Look unto the source of your feelings and you’ll realise you’ve manifested them and gave your being to them. You gave up on peace and chose violence against your heart. You can change that you know, because you created it.

You can change many things in your life, it is in your will, it is what your future-self needs, it is what you’re supposed to do.

So don’t dwell things, because doing so will Rob you of your best self, wisdom, laughter, joy and logic. You’re seeing yourself in a dark place because you don’t love to align with your light.

Here is something you should also know, you wield great strength and ability to practice stoicism.  Try it, and the pain in your world will lose its fangs.

Everything will seem like a frog that tries to scare an elephant from drinking water in the river.


Always cherish your loved ones, for you never know when we’ll lose them. The time we have together is shorter than we think we have we them. Don’t take them for granted. Don’t take anything for granted.

Hack for the mind

Here is a powerful health optimisation hack for the mind.

* Don’t expect people to do for you as you do for them.

Not everyone is you. How you treat people is a reflection of your character, how they treat people is a reflection of theirs.

Removing expectation is powerful and will help you avoid disappointment. Awesome for mind health.

Keep putting out good, it comes back in unexpected ways.

Have a peaceful and powerful day.


One of the most important steps to take in letting go of the past and getting ready for a new life is to realize that you don’t need to feel guilty forever and ever.

Guilt has a purpose for a little while. It makes you feel remorse and shows you that you need to change.

Once you take action to create change and make amends, guilt no longer serves a purpose.

The big mistake

We do big mistakes when we participate in important things with bad energy, and sometimes it leads us to hurting others which is also betrayal that leaves their heart with pain they can never forget.

Have positive energy and try to align with things if you seek a peaceful life.

Youre capable of so much

My friend,  don’t let rules and your environment or upbringing make you forget that you’re capable of being kind, compassionate and inspiring. 

If you only knew what your heart is truly capable of,  you’ll be untamed when it comes to helping others be their best version or seeking their dreams.

You are capable of giving someone a new lease at life. How amazing is that?
This is one of the beautiful reasons you should find out how amazing you are.

Go out and mentor someone,  donate something,  be there for someone,  travel not to just to please your desires buy to bring a gift of knowledge that may uplift the lives of where you visit.

And remember this, always have a habit of adding a new friend in your life.

Practice gratitude

When you express gratitude, or appreciation, you are acknowledging that something good exists. That action energizes that good thing and gives it momentum to continue existing. So by consciously making gratitude part of your everyday life, you are energizing the good you want to attract.

Spark of love

When you are faced with challenges from people who are trying to change who you are or who want to stop you from doing what you love, you can either use those circumstances to strengthen your self-love or let that self-love shrink and shrivel inside of you until you barely know it’s there. If you are going to break through to the real you, you have to keep the spark of love alive.

Start from within

Just as we wash our clothes, brush our teeth, and take a shower, we have to cleanse our emotional world of impurities.

If we let emotional toxins pile up, we will have to spend a lot more time cleaning up the damage that comes from responding to others with anger, jealousy, or criticism. And as you become aware of the energy and emotions you want to cleanse from your world, take care not to get caught up criticizing yourself for the trait you want to eliminate. Be kind to yourself.


You may have lots of advice to your younger self, but logic demands you be in alignment with your future-self, for that’s where you’re heading. That’s where more than your dreams are lived by versions of you that you have yet to imagine or dream. 

Look at your weaknesses

You have to look objectively at your own weaknesses as a doctor would treat a patient he is trying to heal.

The patient and the doctor must first accept the fact that the disease or weakness is present before taking steps to heal it. The same is true with our emotional wounds.

Not everything is a gift

Don’t be terrified nor feel shame by declining opportunity that does not align with your journey. Some opportunities are not stepping stones to your dreams but they’re a path to misery.

To be unhappy while giving your best will always cultivate sadness, loneliness and self hate on your heart.


My friend, live a life that feels right.
Live a life that feeds your soul.
Live a life that touches hearts.
Live a life that is fulfilling.
Live a life that cultivates peace.
Live a life that honours its existence.
Live a life that focuses on growth.
Live a life that you will remember and be remembered by.
Be your best self.


If you go to sleep with negative thoughts you will wake up with the same and feel drained.

Your energy flows to areas of focus. Thoughts can either boost your energy or drain it.

I focus on areas which I can control rather that the areas that I cannot.