The wave

Picture a wave. In the ocean. You can see it, measure it, its height, the way the sunlight refracts when it passes through. And it’s there. And you can see it, you know what it is. It’s a wave.
And then it crashes in the shore and it’s gone. But the water is still there.

The wave was just a different way for the water to be, for a little while. You know it’s one conception of death for Buddhists: the wave returns to the ocean, where it came from and where it’s supposed to be.

The feelings that made you loose your peace will die, the stress, the pain, the expectations, the desperate yearn for control, all will die, because we get tired and we change and evolve to be deeply as we are meant to be.

Often in life, we spend so much time rising to much that is chaotic or makes us forget who we are. When the wave hits the shores it remembers what he is. When you love someone, remember every moment that you love them, in words, actions and thoughts, all of them has to align with the affection that love is made of, just like the water that makes the ocean.

Remember to not allow other emotions to rise and flow aimlessly as if they’re important only to meet their shores and change, for they are just waves, everything is, even our moments and existence. But if you worry not, an ocean everything becomes. Be at peace with what you have, who you are and who you have.

Try not to lose them nor yourself because of the waves, nor let nothing change you unto becoming a wave, for waves destroy things easily. You are made of water, and you are an ocean filled with life, love and so much more that only heaven can describe. The waves are too small of a thing for any of us to be. Always be the ocean.

Life is Good-KC

I need a favour

Hey friends, do you have or know anyone who has Binoculars and drone they’re not using and wants to donate it to a wildlife warden/guard who’s amazing and has dedicated her life and soul to protecting our majestic Elephants and other animals from poachers?

Lets play a role even it is small to saving those who have no voice. We can make an impact. It all starts with us. It is not a difficult thing to have compassion, it doesn’t even need a sacrifice, its just remembering to be human, who we truly are.

And oh, I think its time we give Elephants personhood, so that the abuse, the caging and poaching of them can end.
#kenyawildlife #elephantsarenottrophies #stoppoaching

Believe in yourself

Before anyone starts to believe in you, you have to fully believe in yourself. Before asking someone to invest in you, you have to be fully invested on yourself. And most of all stop overriding your intuition by asking other people for advice.

You may have the greatest gift thats meant to brighten this world, and someone advice of it to you may end up causing you to bringing it unto light. And if it is advice you truly need from them, then you mustn’t allow them to decide for you.

Control your destiny, for this is about your journey, your growth, your passion and the well-being of your future-self.

Do and be well for your future-self

These hard times, this pain, the lessons one day they’ll be your strength, your awareness, your wisdom, your blessings. As you sten into a new year, let go of all that is not you, the resent and bad friendships and relationships.

I know you want to find a way to heal but there’s a way to that, and also a way beyond that which is your actual path.

As much as you want to feel or remember what was done or said unto you, it is wise to embark unto the depths of what you need. You may have to be or do it alone or may have to break your heart, but when it comes to saving your soul then have no other choice nor linger no more.

This journey is your journey, your soul is meant to be nourished by so much that has yet to be seen or happen, use not your feelings to cage yourself where your thoughts melt into tears or hardens your heart.

Live a life the heavens dreamt for you, be where you’re needed the most, live in a place that feeds your life with joy and peace.

Lead this life, this moment and ambitions and love you have to this place your future-self dreams to be. Remember, youre capable of creating amazing and beautiful things, this is the heaven thats within us all.

Thankful of you

What matters is not the idea we hold, but the depth at which we hold it. In the end you regret less the things you believed that weren’t true than the things that never came true because you didn’t believe.

Close your eyes and see the beauty. I believe that there is an explanation for everything, so, yes, I believe in miracles. When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses, thank you extended warrior family.

To all my brothers and sisters from all walks of life, present and those present in spirit, whether we have met or not thank you for being a pillar to my existence (You know your names 😉

Friendship isn’t a big thing to me – it’s a million little amazing things. Thank You for this friendship and so much more that our lives have gotten to share and the lives we’ve gotten to help together this year and in the years before.

Thankful to make it this far this year and in life, and for this beautiful lionista who adds a roar into my adventurous life. 🙂

Focus on your journey

Just because you’re driving on the same road as everyone else, doesn’t mean you’re on the same journey or will end up on the same place.

Some will run out of gas, some will veer of course because of distractions along the way, some will eventually get to the destination but turn right around because they have the will power to get there but not the staying power to stay there.

Grow not fall

If they cannot see nor understand your soul and its way, how can they love your heart?
Whoever you have, make sure your story is described by how you’re growing in love and not falling in love.

Falling has a habit of bringing pain, because flight in our fall happens from flying too close to the sun, our heart was never meant to fly, but climb and grow.

This love you give comes from the source of your life and energy, that streams light into your journey and gives pulse to your heart.

Don’t fall into things that changes the coursebof the rest of your destiny, thats why it has been said only fools rush in. Like the wise and the trees do, grow in and rise in to love, for everything great is meant to have a journey.

The key

The real key to enjoying life is to live in the moment. Not waiting for you to get older or achieve something.

What you don’t have, is just pain you’re creating in your mind, just like a teenager who cant wait to move from their parents house to begin their life.

Remember, getting old happens very fast.

The tribe called Kalenjin



The Kalenjin tribe belongs to the Nilotic ethnic group called highland Nilotes which consists of the following sub-tribes spread throughout East Africa;

• Kipsigis
• Nandi
• Keiyo
• Marakwet
• Sabaot/Kony
• Pokots/Suk
• Terik
• Ogiek/Dorobo
• Tugen (Samor, Eldorais, Lembus,Pokor keben,Aror)
• Sengwer/Cherangany

The above are in Kenya while in Tanzania consists of:

• Barabaek
• Tatireek
• Hilbangrangaek
• Sonjoek
• Sirikwaek (Sindawi)
• Nataeek)
• Badyut
• Tatogaeek

In Sudan are Morule among others while in Uganda are Sebei or Kipsabiny among others.
The word or term ‘Kalenjin’ was coined by earlier scholars of the tribe during 1940s probably at Alliance High school. This is because all the sub tribes of Kalenjin always utter the word ‘Kaleeii’ meaning ‘I say or l say to you’, before uttering or saying any word.

Thus the word ‘kaleeii’ is common to all of the sub-tribe hence Kalenjin collectively.Earlier the colonialist used to refer to all kalenjin as Nandis,thus actually all Kalenjin collectively resisted colonial rule in Kalenjin land, lead by legendary Koitalel Arap Samoei in Nandi, Kipchomber arap Koilegen alias kiptoingeny kochichlem, kibuigut Arap Singoe and Kipkirui Arap Boisio in Kipsigis land.

All were sons of legendary Kipnyole Arap Turugat alias Simbolei.Koitalel Arap Samoei ,Kipnyole last born was finally assassinated by colonolist while others first born Kipchomber Arap koilegen and other brothers were finally deported to Maragwa and his kinsmen later deported to Gwasi area heavily infested with tsetsefly in Lambwe valley actually a form of genocide.
The original name of kalenjin is ‘miot’ meaning lovers of honey and milk since they are their preffered meal.

The kalenjin myths claims that they are the miot lagokab lote (miot children of lote) Miot could also refers to Moabites in Bible which is an indication that they may have come across each other and intermarry at a place called Goshen.The current kalenjin council of elders are called Miot because of above.

The Old Testament of the Bible shows a very closely related cultural practices of Jews and kalenjin showing that they have a common ancestry. When Jesus Christ was born , King Herod instructed the wise men to determine when Jesus was born using stars. In Kalenjin there are two wise men with special instinct abilities who can read stars, Koromerik and kipsomoguk to tell various events, reading of intestines to determine the situations among others.

The Kalenjin were monotheist; worshippers of one Supreme Being. This made it easier for them to accept the Christian message. The Supreme Being was called Asis which has many attributes;
Cheptalel ( the controller of all things),or Cheptalil i.e one which glitters meaning purity
Chebonomi (giver of life),
Chepokipkoyo (God the protector);
Chepomirchiio (God who over sees armed forces);
Chepkeelyen sogol ( the Omnipresence God),
Chemalus (God knows all ),
Chepokimabai (God the controller of all harvest) ,
Weriit neo (God is important of all and has feelings),
Cheboo (God is great);
Chepwooboit (God the great worker);
Chepkochor (God is everlasting),
Tororot (God is the most high) just like in Bible, Adonai, Jiren, Nissi, Shalom, Shammah, Tsidkenu, Elshadai, Elohe among others are the attributes of Christian God.

A study by Dr. Kipkoech Arap Sambu in his book Egyptology has found that kalenjin share words with natives of Egypt (Kemet), native Egyptians refer to God as ptah, where as Kalenjin called Him Kiptayat and sun both called Asista.

Most Kalenjins myths claims that they originated from Tot or Burgei (warm place) from the North which is probably Egypt (Kemet).This is why when kalenjin are blessing they always utter words Burgei kole burgei signifying their originality.
According to legends, the Kalenjin came from Tot probably Dwo in Egypt (kemet).

The ancestors of Kalenjin were Tapnai and kingo who had the following Sons; Cherang Muukwo, Kipsirikwo, Kipongom and others from several wives. When Kingo was about to die as a result of old age his eldest son Olchiangwal inherit his younger wives and the named to non kiindi (one who inherits) and later name was shorted to Nandi.

His other son move to different fertile territory and became prolific and this Kipsigis ki-po-sigis i.e ‘one who gave birth to many.

Another version was that, while the sons was tending cows, one found the vessel called kiisiet (traditional bowl of ugali) he was then reffered by other as Kipsich kisiet i.e ‘one who found kiiset’ and later name of his generation became Kipsigisiek.

One of the Sons when to a safari but disappeared, he was waited in vain but they kept on faith and said to kigeni (two are still having hope of waiting) and his generation because of event became The Tugen.

Other Son went far field milking Kingos called when others asked about the cattle his response was kei-yoo i.e ‘the mother is milking’ hence his generation became The Keiyo.

Other Son is believed to have demanded for kwesta (Ram) and was called mach kwesta and later his generation became The Marakwet.

The other Son was banished for misconduct and he disappeared from home, he was later thought to be dead but the mother kept on saying sobei (still alive) and thus his generation became The Sebei of Uganda.

The other Sons remained at kingo’s homestead these were Koony and Pokot. Pokot means Pokoot i.e ‘the owner of the house’ and Koony means ‘ our home’ this gives rise to Pokot generation.

The Kalenjin traditional huts resembles Egyptian pyramids, totems of clans are used by both Egyptians showing that they have common phylogeny or ancestry.

Egypt is derived from two deities Isis(Asis) and Ra and El – the semitic deity. The kalenjin say that in their migratory journey in a wild far country, they were pursued by an enemy. One elder upon a lake they could not cross intoned four times – Beekab kamama yas ole yas (waters of maternal uncles part say part), the water parted and on reaching the other side of the river the same elder intoned again four times – Beekab kamama king ole king (waters of maternal uncles meet say meet) and the water met killing the enemy instantly.

However the kalenjin still remember the elder who intoned as musaika as they sing a song called ndomo rireetab musaika as sing a song called ndomo rireetab musaika kotomokimi emoni – a song sung after women have been circumcised.

The entire kalenjin sometimes called themselves Bikab kutit (people of mouth). This is because when missionaries came earlier they noticed that most members of this tribe had good white teeth (Good teeth – kutit).
Thus kalenjin then called themselves bikab kutit (people with good teeth as they are found of taking milk which have calcium for proper teeth formation. Mouth (space between the jaws) is actually called Ngesemta or moromet.

The Kalenjin entirely were ruled and governed by council of elders, where the Orkoiyot was the chief medicine man, religious leader and guide the community when to undertake anything whether planting or raiding other communities.

The Orkoiyot was both the person and the highest office on land. The Oorkoik (workoiik) were royal people who lead kalenjin in olden times. Oorkoi means ‘this house of big or intelligent people.’ The Hellenic Greeks called them Arkhont. Oo (big), Koi (house or stone) Hence workoii (Oorkoi) means these people are from the house of leaders (rocks). Amazingly woorkoik were given “Rock” names like Jewish prophets, Koitalel (white rock), koilegen (spotted rock) kobogoi, koitabai (rock of grinding millet).

The Orkoiyot are also responsible of bestoweing wisdom and joy to the Kalenjin people. Kalenjin warriors from a very young age are taught to track and run. Which most Kalenjin people are know of having an uncanny ability as the best distance runners and desert trackers in the world. They are able to find traces of people or animals in the sand; tell whether the animal was running or whether a man or woman and was carrying equipment just like the Bedouins people.

This very special skill has made Bedouins very valuable to the Isreal army, especially for guarding the borders. They are among those few Israel Arabs who can volunteer to serve in army and are always called upon to track down enemy troops who have broken through Israel’s border defenses. The Bedouins like some Kalenjins pride themselves on their capacity for hospitality and concern for people. However, their code of conduct does not see habit of raiding other tribes livestock as something that is wrong. The kalenjin participated greatly in British army during Second World War and there are a lot of claims that it was their envolment which leads to the end of the war.

The reasons for Kalenjin migration from Egypt were; search of greener pastures, drought, hostile neighbouring communities, disease outbreaks, enslavement and to fulfill myths of their fore fathers. And in particular attacked by powerful invaders called kipyayamungen who were white.

The kalenjin during pre-colonial period had a well organized social, economic and political organization with well structured central government. The religious system were well organized and the religious practices were strictly adhered to which in turn leads to a well rounded person in all aspects that is mind, body and spirit.

Kalenjin since time immemorial from Egypt has demonstrated leadership position several Egyptian pharaohs were actually Kalenjin. Too in build instict of military organization of Kalenjin was used by pharaoh in expansion of its territory.
In modern Africa Kalenjin has produced several political leaders namely;Daniel Toroitich Kapkorios Arap Moi who ruled Kenya for 24 years as president Jomo Kenyatta kenyas first president and His son Uhuru Kenyatta Kenyas fourth President are claimed to have Kalenjin blood, Proffesor Yusuf Lule of Sebei of Uganda ruled Uganda for one month as president ,current Republic of Kenya Deputy president William Kipchirchir Samoei Arap Ruto among other reknown persons in proffesinal fields. kongoi konyon gotab kandoik gotab lole mat.

Kenya is known internationally especially because of its unique athletes who have dominated the track for couple of decades because of their outstanding track records where the Kalenjin names features prominently.Those who excell from other tribes are mainly immediate neighbours of Kalenjin and thus rumours goes that it may have been born as a result of generosity of Kalenjin sharing their genes with neighbours.

The Ethiopians Oromos too are claimed to be splinter group of Kalenjin while they were dispersing from Egypt that is why they are very good athletes.Oromo comes from Kalenjin term bik che koromen i.e. people who are fierce.

The children songs and riddles used to prophesy the future events which actually came to pass for example, the song Chepkongo teme ano tinget ,ame ano tuga sung in 1940s predict the current event of land scarcity as a result of population explosion Teretab kogo chemagirgir tondet,kigome anan tomi, kigome was sung by children in earlier 1930s when the traditional pot was used for cooking which takes a lot of time to cook food,the children predicted the use of modern sufurias which take very much shorter time because of their good conductivity since they are made of alluminium.

The riddle Telelen kiptiltilyet iitit asi kogur chemunai nemi oi i.e .simoit was used by children in 1950s and currently actually every one owns a phnone.The past kalenjin prophets notably Kimondit Arap Mugeni boiyot kiptormesendet of Chemagel Sotik prophesies a lot which actually came to be very true.

The path youre given is not your destiny

Insurmountable like the Colorado mountains, is now our sorrow,
Let it melt like the great river Mississippi, and through the burrows of mountains in her path.

These walls of your minds belief are like curtains, finally they’ve started shaking, But remember, “shake must happen to the foundations of a house that was build on blood by a hateful hearts.

On every street and boulevard, across every town, city, and farmland, It’s high time even the corpses that you tried to bury march hand-in-hand, to make sure the system in your heart gets broken.

I am not your everyday agitator, needless violence is not my aim, I abhor it actually. Hate me if you wish, but hating you is a gift I cannot afford. I only wish to change you, because the path that paves your view is something that can be changed so does my unanswered prayers convinces me so.

To be honest, If I could trade my life for you to be kind to my kind, I will in a heartbeat, for me it will be a small sacrifice that will saves lives that have not yet even been born. But since I can use my voice, I am here for the long haul, to change the very rules of the game even if you believe your creator designed you to win.

Fire of consciousness is meant to be in our hearts. If not in mine, so be it in your heart, a fire needs to start so we can chase away the dark.

For now we may suffer in your hands, but it will not last. You’re getting weak and you can’t hide. We are getting stronger than ever before. Your ancestors greatly lost this battle before, and many that you claim to fight for are in our side, marching with us side by side, coming after you; and you will change, and if you wont. Time gently whispers to me your children and their great grand children will, and you will not be here to stop them nor give them your dying path. Their shame of you will writhe them to love more and marry beyond your walls. They will become better people, just like the ones who are fighting for us.

Just like you, this skin, these bones, this body we never asked for it. We know not whence we come, nor where we float away.
Time and again we tread this round of smiles and tears in this unfurling of life.
Unfortunate or not, In vain we pine to know whither our pathway leads, and why we play this empty play.

In the battles we face, whether it’s of their elephant knee, or of their choke of a snake writhering our necks, may we keep drawing our breaths like we don’t have air.
May we keep calling to be heard, till we meet they who say I want a scar that looks just like you, for life has birthed you unto many unfair wars, I am here to fight for you because they can’t break me like they do to you.

To my bothers and sister of colour; May your fate be not to die because of how you look.
May we experience the fading of age, and live its wisdom and splendour as if the heavens needed us here more.

The path you’re given, is not your destiny. You must create your own, even if you have to break your heart to save your soul.

Listen to those who cannot bare the pain of your design anymore.

Spiritually and emotionally I’m not a choleric person, I’m just really realy tired and in heavy tears of an ascetic black man, mourning for every African American who just wants to live the American dream. I’ll start this writing with a bit of afterlife dark poem of the dead that goes like this; I try to cooperate with you and your orders as you scream at me, but you still shot me because you are afraid for your life.

Being in my knees, while I keep my trembling hands raised high unto the heavens as if it is my last day when you arrest me, you still thought is not enough to make you stop fearing for your life.

Laying on the ground with my hands behind my head, you still thought is not enough for you to stop fearing for your life.

Your knees dug deep behind my neck as I scream I CAN’T BREATH, I CANT BREATHE, PLEASE I CAN’T BREATHE, I even tried to call my beautiful and ever loving MAMAs name and even God himself with my few hundred breathes I have left in this life but no one answered, I begged and begged you and even called you the most respectful name that one man can call another man and said “Sir Please” but your heart and ears were numb from compassion and to my plea, yet I’m already tightly in your handcuffs, you still found that is not enough for you to stop fearing for your life.

My death by your hands is not and will never be enough for you stop fearing for your life.

Just like you have fears, I have fears too, but neither of my fears compels me to kill another human being.

One of the many unfortunate things about being a black person is when I’m running or walking on the street and I see a cop, and feel the fear paralyzing my soul and the voice within says Oh no and wish that I’m not doing anything nor looking wrong that will make him see or claim and believe that I’m something or someone I’m not, because the moment he will come after me, a part of me that fears him or her will definitely allow him to claim I am who I am not.

To be honest, Dying is not my fear, but the painful state of my loved ones during my absence is what haunts me. If I die because of being racially profiled, prayers to come that may I rest in peace will be the greatest lie you’ll ever tell yourself. In afterlife I have no one I want to be with, I have nothing to do there. Everyone I care about is the living, because it is in this life I want people to live in peace, to love more than it is necessary, to love to the fullest and to live the true meaning of life and that is to care.

Metaphor mode*

Why bring flowers to my grave when I’m dead, yet you can’t plant flowers in your gardens to feed the bees? Some will say that they’ve planted flowers in their garden but they’ve poisoned them because they fear the bees, the same bees that they fill bread with and stock their cupboards with its honey, the same honey they can’t live without, forgetting it is the bees we can’t live without.

What I’m trying to say is; If you can’t care for someone when they’re alive, why pretend to care for them when they have died?

I have another metaphor for you that goes like this.
You see black people as if they’re wild animals that they have escaped the zoo(enslavement, habitat, hood) you designated for them.

You hold your purse in fear as you walk in the grocery store after seeing us, you report us to your hunters when you see us walking or running in your neighbourhood, and when we’re in our knees and wounded and in pain you say we should not roar in pain while in our knees or anywhere you can see, that we should go home to cope with our darkness that is made by the shadows of your privilege. Just so your vicious and soulless hunters can follow us and hunt us down far away from your view because your hunters have an ancient and biblical way of making things bloody, or slowly die in suffocation, something that doesn’t make you loose sleep and you don’t want to see it either, because your mind only wants to believe We Are Animals.

As humans, there are those who represent the best of us, and there are those who represent the worst of us. Its not easy to end evil, but evil grows when we say or do nothing to stop it. An airline cannot keep or hire a pilot who wants to plunge a plane into a mountain or theyre wreckless with their job. Police should do the same too.

We don’t have to live this way.
We don’t have to treat each other this way.
We don’t have to ruin what we have built.
We don’t have to hurt one another.
We don’t have to fear one another.
We don’t have to kill one another.
We are human beings, not animals.


Racism. How do you end something that makes some people feel like they’re the chosen ones. They deify the most emotionally illiterate person, saying he speaks the truth and how they feel. If every word that comes out of his demagogue mouth is of bullying and hate and it arouses your inner damnable, doesnt that mean he truly is speaking your feelings, and if he is speaking your feelings doesn’t it mean he is your avatar and what makes you powerful? He is you and will remain you as long you keep him in power.

If you sit down the whole day and watch Fox news, you’ll notice a pattern in segment after segment convincing white people that they’re being attacked, and soon maybe tomorrow, all that you have and privilege of being white person will be taken away, and there will be no country for you.

If you watch and listen to this fear preaching and hate mongering everyday as your source of information, then you’ll begin to believe it and join the wagon of hate and anger because you feel and believe that everyone who doesn’t look like you threatens you and your kind.

Some of my friends and followers here are deep into this like it is a sacred religion. How do you change a person like that from hating and fearing you when they’ve made it their religion to do so and they’re blind to even notice they are that way?… As a black person, you can’t. Only another white person can who is born and bred in the ideals of compassion. Not just one White person but in a ratio of 10-1 is what it takes to change this mentality that cultivate racism.

I’m not American, but I can feel the pain, the fear of black Americans, I can hear the cry in my soul, in my heart and in my head, sometimes it feels like I’m haunted, for I bear their skin colour and share their ancestors blood.

To my White American friends, Black America is crying, listen to us, work with us, fight for us, care for us, save us, let us breathe like you, let us know what the American dream and freedom is and to be able live it bravely like you. Because the Gods of privilege favours you.

There’s no other path to lift up black America if you don’t use your privilege to change the narrative and custom.

Its not just about condemning the injustice, lynching and brutality and running a few miles for it, thats easy to do, and also its easy to forget because there’s always something new happening that brings more pain to the people of colour.

America is one country but unfortunately when it comes to justice, there’s Justice for White America which has more compassion in it, and there’s justice for Black America which is one of the most cruelest on earth.

Another thing is, stop voting for these racist and vile people, just because someone supports your religion but their actions of the past and language of the present are different, it doesn’t mean they’re good people. You should be wiser so during every election you’ll have to chose the lesser of the two evils. By now you know power does not corrupt, it only reveals our true character. Above all, stop deifying people no matter who or how much wealth they have.

To rescue the future, we must change from living and abiding in the past mindset and beliefs.

We are all leaves of the same tree.
Remember, the meaning of life is to care.

Give more than you get

If I get 100%, I give 200% back.⁣

If you earn the trust, loyalty and respect from people, you also have a responsibility to live up to the privilege.⁣

I like vintage and exclusive. Genuine people are exactly that. Highly valued and hard to find.⁣

The appreciation increases for these humans as life experiences teach you. There are many people who wear masks and have ulterior motives. They come and go but they always leave you with valuable lessons. The genuine are there to stay.⁣

I am just looking back and reflecting this morning. I feel nothing but gratitude.⁣

Life is Good-KC

Know your value

“If you don’t know your own value, someone else will tell you, and it’ll be less than you’re worth.”⁣

I trust actions more than words. It’s easy to speak but actions prove. This has been a constant reminder on my journey so far.⁣

I use this principle as a life hack and have optimised the circle of humans in my network. It’s good for your mind health. ⁣

Try it, it works.

Don’t be silent

Just beacuse you’re in a different state, Don’t be silent.
Just because you immigrated here, Don’t be silent.
Just because you support police, Don’t be silent.
Just because you’re religious or a monk, Don’t be silent.
Just because you don’t have any Black friends, Don’t be silent.

Just because your dont want to upset your supper Republicans parents or grandparents and you fear you’ll loose their inheritance and they may hate you for supporting people of colour to live the American dream, Don’t be silent.
Just because you’re protecting your business or friendship, Don’t be silent.
Just because you fear loosing your privilege or status, Don’t be silent.
Just because you’re not Black, Don’t be silent.
Just because youre not racist, it doesn’t mean you should be silent when others who don’t look like you are oppressed and killed each day.
Just because someone wears a uniform and was sworn to protect. It doesn’t mean the man or woman beneath that uniform is a man of honour and justice.

It could be your son, your daughter, your parents, your sibling, your relative, your neighbour, your friend, your workmate who gets taken away from you. Killed like a despised dog on the side of the road that bit a child.
Your silence is louder than cries and screams of a million people who can’t breathe or defend themselves.

What is going on in America will never end if silent or hiding in your prayers is all you do.
If you’re precher, preach to end racism.
If you’re a cop, serve without prejudice.
No matter who you are, racism should never be tolerated in your family, your community, your place of work and in your friendships or wherever you are.

In the Book of 1st Timothy 6:12, it says Fight a good fight of faith. But as a black person, as a modern human who shuns racism, injustices and slavery I say to you, Fight a good fight to end injustices.

Remember, it takes the silence of good people for evil to succeed.

“For once, use your voice, your privilege to do something meaningful. Don’t pretend there’s not a problem in America. Don’t turn your back on racism. Don’t accept innocent lives being taken from us. Don’t make any more excuses. Don’t think this doesn’t affect you. Don’t sit back and be silent. Don’t think you can’t be part of the change. Let’s all be part of the change.” 

Make it real

Desire is the key to motivation, a dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.

The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance. The price of success is hard work. Never-ending dedication to the job at hand, with total understanding that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.

As I get older, the more I stay focused on the acceptance of Myself and others, and choose compassion over judgment and curiosity over fear. Never stop trying to make it real.
Life is Good-KC

Take the first step

The challenge that so many people have is not knowing how to take that first step. Getting organized must be a normal routine of life, we have to finish little projects we started. It’s an important first step toward realizing larger goals.

If you can’t get a handle on the small things, how the hell will you ever get it together to focus on the big thing (LIFE).

Take the first step and your mind will mobilize all its forces to your assistance. But the first essential is that you begin.

Once the battle is started, all that is within you, your very soul will come to your Aid. Self Empowerment is with in all of us. Life is Good-KC

Look within yourself

We must not be swift to turn into the heavens and blame the gods for what’s happening to us, the one to blames is ourselves, for taking lives of animals and of our own race, for cutting trees and hurting one another, for being of greed and using religion to despise one another and create fear.

We do not need to curse when things do not go our way, nor fight one other for there’s no victory in it, we’re better than that, for deep within us there’s a part that wants good things to happen.

If we all believe in good, then we must rise together and create the heaven we want. This world is our home, and we’re all natives here, for we breathe the same air, walk with two legs in the same land made of dirt.

Let’s protect, let’s care, let’s cherish and above all let’s love, for without it we’re nothing, and sad events will be the rain that we cannot hide from. This our home, let’s treat like the home we all have.

Adopt a child, adopt a pet, adopt a beehive, have many friends, let’s love to be with the beings that have souls.

Start a garden, plant trees, fruits, flowers, vegetables and things that gives us life, and treasure everything else, for it is our responsibility to take care of all.

Like a leopard

The world isn’t a fair place, but do make damn sure you’re fair to yourself. Do not drown in self-pity, nor tangled in a mindset of blaming the system, and most definitely you mustn’t self destruct.

Forge ahead like your life dependson it, even if it takes you to break your heart to save your soul, pain of doing something that changes your future for better is not something you should fear.

Remember this, I’ll say it is metaphor.
Even the leopard does not await the hynas to drive the wildebeest beneath its tree, it chooses to live quietly in places where even the monkeys do not know how to sit still yet it holds their food.

The Tree in this saying symbolise Enlightenment.
The Monkey symbolises the Mind.
The Wildebeest symbolises Wild Expectations.
The Hynas symbolises Reliance.
The Leopard symbolises the Wise, Skilled, Solitary, Brave and Self-Dependent.

Don’t live by others view of you

Never allow anyone to lower your vibrations. Stand true to your own frequency.⁣

Most people try to impose their own limitations on you. You have a choice to accept them or reject them.⁣

There is a unique level of satisfaction smashing limitations. It becomes an addiction. ⁣

The potential is limitless. ⁣

Wishing you all a powerful weekend ahead.⁣

Let’s work.⁣

The journey

Just because you’re driving on the road as everyone else, doesn’t mean you’re on the same journey or will end up on the same place.

Some will end up out of gas, some will veer off the course because of distractions along the way; some will eventually get to the destination but turn around because they have the will power to get there but the staying power to stay there.

So live unapologetically; your life, your dreams, your mission, your losses. It is better to succeed and fail at your own terms than to follow someone else’s guidelines.

Remember, life is short, and everybody gotta go some day. Go out with memories and peace, and not unrealised dreams and pain.

Meaning of life

If you have or have ever own dog then you already know this.
You can pick up a starving, beaten or a broken dog from the street, shelter or middle of nowhere and care for it till it heals, and when it does heal it becomes the most excited and happiest dog 🐕.

Now, what I’m trying to say is if we learn something from a dog that’s been cared for, and apply this to every aspect of our life, then we will know how to be excited and happy with those we have in our lives and about life itself.

If a dog can do it, why not you? 🙂

If you’re in a quest to seek the meaning of life.

Well then here it is.

The meaning of life is to care and be where there’s care. There you have it.

Know your value

Be long where you’re needed the most and you’re happy and flexible being there. 

Remember, the right place values you in the right way.

Don’t find yourself in the wrong place and get angry if you are not valued. Those that know your value are those who appreciate you, don’t stay in a place where nobody sees your value.

Know your worth. Respect yourself, and your soul will never become claustrophobic by your environment.

Let go things that doesn’t serve you

By now my friend you should know that if you no longer align with someone, cut them off.

Stop allowing them to have sometime-y access to you.

Stop halfway distancing yourself. Be done so you can make room.

Stop allowing old energy that doesn’t serve or benefit you to sit in the shelf of your sacred environment as if it is a bottle of wine. .

The river of life

Never underestimate what you face, nor your spirit to withstand them.

Always believe you are destined to go farther in life than you’ve come and what is before you is part of your journey, for it is.

We are an old river that is winding its way forward. The falls and turns and everything else is part of our lifes narrative to pass through them.
Like the fall is to a river, stronger it is made.

Like turns is to the river, many places it gets to visit and change lives in many ways to different walks of life before it meets her sea of dreams. But then again if you look deeper with your soul wisdom, you’ll realize the river from her birth is a dream to many, that’s why the turns in our life is imperative as the fate curved it to the river.

May you find mirror of wisdom in everything you look at.
Life is Good.


The mind is like turmeric, you sprinkle it on food, it adds flavor to it.

If gets on clothes, it stain it, but if you drink or apply it then its medicine.

But my friend, turmeric is one thing, it depends on its use, that is either medicine, stain or taste.

Just like the wind it brings out energy on how its used.

Your time alone or where you are or whoever you’re with is like turmeric.


The Sun does return to cast out the darkness, the question is. Do you see it? the light brightening your day, or are you still closing your minds eyes to continue seeing the darkness that fiercely plagues it?

Think of others

When you’re trying to decide whether to go out and do something you kind of know you shouldn’t, don’t think about your chance of getting infected. Assume you’re infected already, think about others, and act accordingly.

(Warning: This only works if you have a moral center.)

Being broken is to be freed.

The monk in me wants to teach you something that warriors do.

When you feel like someone or something has broke you, it is not wise to see nor consider yourself broken.

See yourself as a changed person, and to begin life anew will be simpler. For when we submit ourselves to change, growth brings a fate you’ve been missing.

Remember, these views and feelings you call yours are all a choice, you can also choose not to call them yours.

From here on, may you call yours the things that have worth, add strength and bring meaning to your life. And most of all, may you not fear change nor to break your heart to save your soul, for that’s how one finds the path that changes their life.

Instead of seeing yourself broken, see yourself freed, and your mind will expand so you can find the flexibility to reach for things you need and never had a chance to seek or become.

To be free is a chance to live your life to the fullest.

Focus on your legacy

Whether you’re fit as a leopard, or fast as a cheetah, or a celebrity like the lion, or a medallist or an Olympian or used to be fast, remember to be humble more than the elephant as if your life depends on it.

Use your platform to inspire others who need your positive mindset, strength and resilience. It is not wise to make yourself superior than others.

Who we are today is not who we will always be. From grace we can fall, from life we can become a distant memory, from one another’s life we can tarnish a name that we have been working so hard to build for so many years.

None of us truly knows how long we will be here, you mustn’t squander the little time you have left, even if you’re lucky to live for 40 or 60years more. If you’re not inspiring nor being kind unto others, much of what you think you are will fade.

If you’re in the limelight, then write your name in people hearts so one day they can say, because of you I did not give up.
Because of you I built this and have that.
Because of you, my body and mind is healthy.
Because of you I found a way to hire and save many people.
Because of you my life is full of meaning, love and joy.
Because of you, I met the love and live in the best place of my life.

Let all things you do and say lead you to creating gratitude in others and to you about your existence.
When someone offends you, hurts you dont become like them nor join them unto breaking your spirit.

You don’t need either to reply to eejits who say dumb things to you. Also find no pleasure in ignorance of arousing people with your angry thoughts, it may cost you the worth of your name and future-self. We dont need to respond to everything, but we must always learn from everything.

Be conscious to never treat people as bad as they are, treat them as good as you are. Remember this, silence it isn’t empty, it is full of answers, it is full of growth and wisdom.

Each day remind yourself to grow. For growth leads one to experiencing the loss of former versions of ourselves that we do not need nor being stuck in. Growth, it’s the shedding of the skin and the journey to becoming who we truly are. We have to unlearn and grow through who we thought we had to be, so we can just be.

When we grow, we learn not to respond to the negative with negative. And to live as if we are here to help.

That process can be painful… But don’t stop when the storm is greatest, as that is the moment right before you see that life was never meant to be so hard. We were all meant to live in bliss; it’s just that we keep teaching each other that life must be endured rather than enjoyed. To love ourselves rather than seeking gratification or reason to.
As you begin to love yourself, your relationship with everyone and everything will change.

Focus on your legacy and passion. Live and leave a great story.

Life is Good-KC

This path

In this path of life, I can never run longer with anyone in it but you.

We have this thing that’s one of our favourite that we like to acknowledge and practice it to strengthen our relationship and with others whom we choose to keep in our journey. And that is to remind each other that; If I did something wrong, communicate.

If I hurt your feelings, make me aware of it.
If I didn’t listen well enough, tell me again in a way I’ll understand.
If I’m insensitive to your needs, to your desires, or to your thoughts tell me so I can consider them.

However, we mustn’t ever hold a negative attitude towards each other because when the end comes, truth turns out that all along, it is you haven’t clearly expressed yourself. We are human, and we ca do many great things, but unfortunately we are not a mind readers.

Communicate even when you’re hurting, rather than close yourself up to walk in your minds room that’s filled with mirrors reflecting on things that are awful and painful. The more you walk in that room, the more those reflections will lead you unto hating and more pain.

To avoid being trapped in that room. You should begin practicing peace, the easiest way is to not treat people badly like they treat you, but treat them as good as you are.

Once you avoid conflict, compassion and wisdom begins to grow. You learn to appreciate and build what you have.

Life is Good-KC

In you I have found home

In you, I have found all I never dared dream I could deserve or have- the kind of love that is rare.

Being known in a way that touches my heart.

Accepted in a way that blows my mind.

In you, the love I have always desired to give now has a place to call home.

I have been a skeptic but you are my Undeniable miracle.

The questions don’t matter anymore, we have found each other and that is enough.❤️

Help your body be stronger

When injured it is wise to change your path to the one that strengthens your wellbeing. Going into a race, or doing hard training and long runs will break you or even end your career or ability to move the way you’ve used to will your body to. Like changing of the moon, we too are meant to have a phase and change, our light may become dimmer but that doesn’t mean your spirit has abandoned you nor must you lose your will to live and brave the challenges you face.

I usually remind my clients these things, when there’s weakness, tightness will follow, and when tightness is not addressed, pain will arise. And if you continue to train with the injury, one begins to change their form for the worse. All this and ai much more that takes longer to heal unfurls because of not listening to your body and not having time to stretch and warm up properly before your training. The tougher you think you are, the more broken and hard to fix your fate may become.

Remember to invest on these six guardian of your body. The first four are, Flexibility, Endurance, Strength, Speed. When you work your Flexibility, Endurance will be easier to gain without it hurting you, then endurance allows Strength to exist, and Strength attracts Speed which is the easiest to gain and also it can easily be lost, it’s like fire, it can also burn you out if the first three are not being attended to.

The other two is Rest and Diet. None is more important as the other, as an athlete, your life must have balance which requires a lot of discipline, patience and passion. You may have to become selfish to other aspects of your life to honour the part that means everything to you. So don’t be afraid to break your heart to save your soul. The heart never truly breaks, only possibilities and attachments you have and dont want to lose are why you end up in pain.

Take a good care of yourself, no one can do it better for you than yourself. Keep your mind present when things are not going your way. Focus and be willing to begin anew if it’s what life demands. You’ve been miserable and slow before, what is happening now is not your first time and wont be your last. Learn to help your body prevail the rigorous things you put it through. Mold your body to a warrior you want to become and you will be stronger than what you’re used to being with your mind. Remember, the body and mind are one.

Surround yourself with positive thinkers and doers

It’s important to have positive minds on your team and in your friendship circle. You want problem solvers, not problem creators.⁣
Like they say, everyone in your boat needs to be rowing and not drilling holes. It’s not about the size of the team, it’s about the determination and discipline.⁣⁣
I get a lot of DM’s from people complaining about not getting results or complaining about their teammates.⁣⁣
Before you complain, ask yourself, ‘am I giving a 100%?’ I’m I spending eanough time on healing and strengthening my wellbeing? It’s possible that you’re not. You get back what you put out, maybe not immediately but eventually. Be patient but consistent.⁣⁣
Be the example and set the standard. Don’t follow average, or you’ll be average with average results. Want extraordinary? Then be extraordinary. When others are holding back, you give your all. When others are moving with hope, your run faster with faithbof everything difficult that you prepared yourself with for this moment. Always be willing to go the extra mile, it’s worth it.⁣ it’s the warrior’s way.

Just my thoughts this morning.⁣⁣
Have a splendid weekend and remember to be spirited, loving and peaceful with the way you lead your life. So much than you expect or dreamed of will unfurl because what you seek is just one of many possibilities that life has for you. In the end of each day, let it be that you did what you had, and braved what you faced for your growth, wisdom and peace.

The ocean

Picture a wave. In the ocean. You can see it, measure it, its height, the way the sunlight refracts when it passes through. And it’s there. And you can see it, you know what it is. It’s a wave.
And then it crashes in the shore and it’s gone. But the water is still there.

The wave was just a different way for the water to be, for a little while. You know it’s one conception of death for Buddhists: the wave returns to the ocean, where it came from and where it’s supposed to be.

The feelings that made you loose your peace will die, the stress, the pain, the expectations, the desperate yearn for control, all will die, because we get tired and we change and evolve to be deeply as we are meant to be.

Often in life, we spend so much time rising to much that is chaotic or makes us forget who we are. When the wave hits the shores it remembers what he is. When you love someone, remember every moment that you love them, in words, actions and thoughts, all of them has to align with the affection that love is made of, just like the water that makes the ocean.

Remember to not allow other emotions to rise and flow aimlessly as if they’re important only to meet their shores and change, for they are just waves, everything is, even our moments and existence. But if you worry not, an ocean everything becomes. Be at peace with what you have, who you are and who you have.

Try not to lose them nor yourself because of the waves, nor let nothing change you unto becoming a wave, for waves destroy things easily. You are made of water, and you are an ocean filled with life, love and so much more that only heaven can describe. The waves are too small of a thing for any of us to be. Always be the ocean.

Life is Good-KC

Fire in the mind

To be on fire is state of mind, if your mind does not amplify this energy then the body will be sluggish and struggle. From the mind, the journey begins. The body must be taught by being taken through brutal trainings, like the making of a warrior’s sword to honour the mind by being one with the mind. The sharpening is not easy, it will take months and even years.

You must remain a student to your art. Learn from everyone and also from yourself by looking at your growth and all that you have overcome. Nothing has been easy and so you must never expect anything in your life to come easy.

You have to put in the fight against obstacles, the war against emotions, and the work that your path demands you rise up for. There’s no telling how far you will go, or who you will become or what you will achieve.

No one alive can tell you nor truly knows what you’re capable of. So quit with the feeding of self doubts, or listening to those who laugh at you, or immersed in speaking feebly of you. Above all cease with self belittling, for you’re crippling your spirit, the very source of your strength, endurance and life-force. Without it, dreams you have will belong to someone else. The vision you have will be someone’s success. Life you have, will be a heavey book of regrets that’s filled with painful chapters that reminds you that your best days are way far behind you.

The secret to a powerful day 👇🏽⁣

Always keep in mind:⁣

1. If you open your eyes in the morning, you are powerful. Some were not blessed with this privilege.⁣

2. Use time with intention.⁣

It’s really that simple. ⁣

Things can always be better than they are, but things could always be worse. It’s all about perspective.⁣

3. Be at peace as if you’re the most wisest and joyful person on earth.

Imagine if we were all could show life this fate how wonderful we will all be unto each other 🙂

4. Be in alignment with yourself, your mind, body and spirit. It makes things simple.

5. Whatever nightmares the future holds are dreams compared to what you have been through in your past. Nothing is meant to last. You mustn’t stress yourself too much, because no matter what the situation is, it will change. It’s the fate of everything, so let it be.
Remember this all the time you’re going through hard times.

6. Honour your word, your name and the one you love. Respect will follow you.

7. Your heart is a warehouse for feelings, but your soul is a piece of heaven.
To be free, you must learn not to dwell on things that tangle you in knots of no knowing what to do. Each day brings a lesson, some of them you’ll never understand and some will hurt you, all you can do is to.learn from them because the more you strive to learn, the more wiser and stronger your future-self becomes.

8. Don’t loose sleep because of what’s been said or done unto you. The sun nor the stars of the night never worries about the clouds beneath it.

9. Quit the complaining, quit the excuses.

10. Peel yourself from living up to a timeline created by society. Write your own script. Live your own play. Be the poet of your story, make it inspiring and deeply phenomenal.

If you’re reading this, Vibe higher.⁣

The power of silence

Silence is powerful.⁣

Every human action doesn’t require a reaction. ⁣

When people underestimate you, try to fool you and question your intelligence, silence can be the most powerful tool.⁣

Knowing more than you say and saying less than you know is class. It’s not weakness and Ignorance, it’s patience, strength and virtue.⁣

You attract more of what you focus on. Choose wisely.⁣

Just my thoughts this beautiful day..⁣