This path

In this path of life, I can never run longer with anyone in it but you.

We have this thing that’s one of our favourite that we like to acknowledge and practice it to strengthen our relationship and with others whom we choose to keep in our journey. And that is to remind each other that; If I did something wrong, communicate.

If I hurt your feelings, make me aware of it.
If I didn’t listen well enough, tell me again in a way I’ll understand.
If I’m insensitive to your needs, to your desires, or to your thoughts tell me so I can consider them.

However, we mustn’t ever hold a negative attitude towards each other because when the end comes, truth turns out that all along, it is you haven’t clearly expressed yourself. We are human, and we ca do many great things, but unfortunately we are not a mind readers.

Communicate even when you’re hurting, rather than close yourself up to walk in your minds room that’s filled with mirrors reflecting on things that are awful and painful. The more you walk in that room, the more those reflections will lead you unto hating and more pain.

To avoid being trapped in that room. You should begin practicing peace, the easiest way is to not treat people badly like they treat you, but treat them as good as you are.

Once you avoid conflict, compassion and wisdom begins to grow. You learn to appreciate and build what you have.

Life is Good-KC

In you I have found home

In you, I have found all I never dared dream I could deserve or have- the kind of love that is rare.

Being known in a way that touches my heart.

Accepted in a way that blows my mind.

In you, the love I have always desired to give now has a place to call home.

I have been a skeptic but you are my Undeniable miracle.

The questions don’t matter anymore, we have found each other and that is enough.❤️

Help your body be stronger

When injured it is wise to change your path to the one that strengthens your wellbeing. Going into a race, or doing hard training and long runs will break you or even end your career or ability to move the way you’ve used to will your body to. Like changing of the moon, we too are meant to have a phase and change, our light may become dimmer but that doesn’t mean your spirit has abandoned you nor must you lose your will to live and brave the challenges you face.

I usually remind my clients these things, when there’s weakness, tightness will follow, and when tightness is not addressed, pain will arise. And if you continue to train with the injury, one begins to change their form for the worse. All this and ai much more that takes longer to heal unfurls because of not listening to your body and not having time to stretch and warm up properly before your training. The tougher you think you are, the more broken and hard to fix your fate may become.

Remember to invest on these six guardian of your body. The first four are, Flexibility, Endurance, Strength, Speed. When you work your Flexibility, Endurance will be easier to gain without it hurting you, then endurance allows Strength to exist, and Strength attracts Speed which is the easiest to gain and also it can easily be lost, it’s like fire, it can also burn you out if the first three are not being attended to.

The other two is Rest and Diet. None is more important as the other, as an athlete, your life must have balance which requires a lot of discipline, patience and passion. You may have to become selfish to other aspects of your life to honour the part that means everything to you. So don’t be afraid to break your heart to save your soul. The heart never truly breaks, only possibilities and attachments you have and dont want to lose are why you end up in pain.

Take a good care of yourself, no one can do it better for you than yourself. Keep your mind present when things are not going your way. Focus and be willing to begin anew if it’s what life demands. You’ve been miserable and slow before, what is happening now is not your first time and wont be your last. Learn to help your body prevail the rigorous things you put it through. Mold your body to a warrior you want to become and you will be stronger than what you’re used to being with your mind. Remember, the body and mind are one.

Surround yourself with positive thinkers and doers

It’s important to have positive minds on your team and in your friendship circle. You want problem solvers, not problem creators.⁣
Like they say, everyone in your boat needs to be rowing and not drilling holes. It’s not about the size of the team, it’s about the determination and discipline.⁣⁣
I get a lot of DM’s from people complaining about not getting results or complaining about their teammates.⁣⁣
Before you complain, ask yourself, ‘am I giving a 100%?’ I’m I spending eanough time on healing and strengthening my wellbeing? It’s possible that you’re not. You get back what you put out, maybe not immediately but eventually. Be patient but consistent.⁣⁣
Be the example and set the standard. Don’t follow average, or you’ll be average with average results. Want extraordinary? Then be extraordinary. When others are holding back, you give your all. When others are moving with hope, your run faster with faithbof everything difficult that you prepared yourself with for this moment. Always be willing to go the extra mile, it’s worth it.⁣ it’s the warrior’s way.

Just my thoughts this morning.⁣⁣
Have a splendid weekend and remember to be spirited, loving and peaceful with the way you lead your life. So much than you expect or dreamed of will unfurl because what you seek is just one of many possibilities that life has for you. In the end of each day, let it be that you did what you had, and braved what you faced for your growth, wisdom and peace.

The ocean

Picture a wave. In the ocean. You can see it, measure it, its height, the way the sunlight refracts when it passes through. And it’s there. And you can see it, you know what it is. It’s a wave.
And then it crashes in the shore and it’s gone. But the water is still there.

The wave was just a different way for the water to be, for a little while. You know it’s one conception of death for Buddhists: the wave returns to the ocean, where it came from and where it’s supposed to be.

The feelings that made you loose your peace will die, the stress, the pain, the expectations, the desperate yearn for control, all will die, because we get tired and we change and evolve to be deeply as we are meant to be.

Often in life, we spend so much time rising to much that is chaotic or makes us forget who we are. When the wave hits the shores it remembers what he is. When you love someone, remember every moment that you love them, in words, actions and thoughts, all of them has to align with the affection that love is made of, just like the water that makes the ocean.

Remember to not allow other emotions to rise and flow aimlessly as if they’re important only to meet their shores and change, for they are just waves, everything is, even our moments and existence. But if you worry not, an ocean everything becomes. Be at peace with what you have, who you are and who you have.

Try not to lose them nor yourself because of the waves, nor let nothing change you unto becoming a wave, for waves destroy things easily. You are made of water, and you are an ocean filled with life, love and so much more that only heaven can describe. The waves are too small of a thing for any of us to be. Always be the ocean.

Life is Good-KC