Seek your dreams with the determination of a river that seeks the sea.

If it’s both terrifying and amazing, then you should definitely pursue it. Never quit. If you stumble get back up.

What happened yesterday no longer matters. Today’s another day so get back on track and move closer to your dreams and goals. You can do it!

Ask yourself if what you’re doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow. I remind myself constantly when you focus on problems, you’ll have more problems. When you focus on possibilities you’ll have more opportunities.

When someone tells you it can’t be done, it’s more a reflection of their limitations, not yours. Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs: the future can be better than the present, and I have the power to make it so.

The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow. Life is Good.

For you athletes who want to succeed.

Marathon-Runners-Black-Silhouette-SunsetTry to get more sleep so your career lifespan will have longevity to defy age.
Don’t play soccer if you want to be serious with running.
Try not not compare yourself with others even if you the same workout, for when it comes to competition it all comes down to the will power of the mind and spirit to be patient and when to push.
Everyone trains hard, but many only achieve getting confidence to start and be alive for a brief moment in the race, but the rest becomes treacherous.

Respect your body with the food you eat, and with the shoes you use, just because something looks or tastes good doesn’t mean it will treat you good.
Be discipline with life and your training, and never talk trash about your opponents or anyone.
Avoid being one of those people who have excuses for everything and complain about everything. Being an athlete and human is about becoming a warrior, and to become a warrior you must understand pain and soreness, you must learn to shape your body and mind to become better, a warrior does not cry over yesterdays pain.

A warrior does not praise his or her weakness, warriors must have passion to tame their weakness. Warrior do not not fear torturing themselves with brutally training till pain becomes normal. Thats why you must push hard when the training is for speed, thats why your sport massage and deep tissue massage hurts, thats why you must never walk on uphill when you seek strength to give your endurance a spine. These gifts of pain are whats makes you a warrior, its what makes your mind and body strong, its what will drive you to become a champion. Remember, we do not come from a good place to be great but a painful place that feels like depths of hell.

Remember to always thank and praise your teammates, therapists and coach more than self or fans, for they are your true village that feeds you with speed, strength and endurance that allows you to win. Fans will rush in when you win, and flood out and bash you when you’re not good, self will always be self, but your village will always be with you. When giving interviews, never forget to speak highly of your coach, therapist and teammates, for your victory is their victory too and they will become better and treat you better when you do not cage them in the shadows during your moments of success. In victory and defeat always be graceful. Speak with passion and not ego.

I have seen careers of many rise to only fall because they forgot who they were. When you win, you mustn’t be lifted up by the winds of being a celebrity for you may lose your true gift, focus and spirit which makes you an athlete. Live one life till the end of it, then when you retire you can pick up being a celebrity and spend more time sitting and being on your feet.

Keep training hard, sometimes your time may take longer than of others who started late, but your time will come if you surround yourself with right people, have a great coach and your mind is always positive, for there is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly. What and where you is not who and where you will end up. Things get better, because life changes, everything changes.

Running a jealous sport, it does not like its energy be given to something else that does not make the body faster, so be very careful with how you use your mind on your journey, for where theres light, shadow lurks around awaiting for that moment of weakness to drag you unto the rock bottom where frustration and regret are its demons.

Is America becoming an active volcano?

​I truly believe we’re in the midst of racial crisis in this country.

I truly believe that what’s been bubbling beneath the surface for a long time, is now boiling over into our sentiments and sentences and streets.
I truly believe that certain voices in the public sphere are activating and aggravating this crisis.
I truly believe that we cannot discount, discredit or disregard the victims of any injustice.
I truly believe that we cannot neglect and deny the wounds that have been created and caused by years of ignorance and oppression.
I truly believe America has an epidemic of excessive police force against people of color in this country.
I truly believe that even if one person is unlawfully and unjustly killed, it’s one too many.
I truly believe that when we turn away from those who sit or stand to protest in peace, we run the risk of calmness transforming to desperation and destruction.
I truly believe that inciting ANY type of hate or violence is not only wrong, but dangerous.
I truly believe that taking the law into your own hands, burning your neighbors’ businesses, looting your neighbors’ stores, rioting within your neighborhood walls, and lashing back with angry lawlessness is never the answer. It’s bullshit.
I truly believe that when we rise up with destructive action and divisive rhetoric, we push down our communities into the most unsafest and unsanitary corners.
I truly believe that when we cast judgement upon an entire race or religion or culture based on the wrongs of a very small few, we do our collective humanity a gross disservice.
I truly believe that the “good people” of any stereotyped or discriminated group suffer the most due to the actions of that small few – whether that’s cops, Muslims, immigrants, whites, blacks, hispanics, corporations or politicians. When we allow the few bad people to get the spotlight, we push so many good ones into the darkness.
I truly believe that we should be suspicious and skeptical of ANY type of extremism – regardless of country, color or creed.
I truly believe that most police officers are honorable public servants who are doing their best in very, very unforgiving circumstances.
I truly believe that the vast, vast, vast, vast majority of black people and hispanic people and white people and Muslims and immigrants and refugees are good people. – no matter what you read online or see on TV.
I truly believe that we are ALL more similar than we are different, and that when we seek to understand each other, instead of choosing to fear each other, we quickly realize just how similar we are.
I truly believe we should make the effort to meet each other and learn each other, and not outsource that powerful, personal knowledge.
I truly believe that changing laws doesn’t cure society’s ills, it just misdirects the symptoms. Racism isn’t a political issue, its a people issue. And unless “we the people” reevaluate our own mindsets and recondition our own behaviors, any legislative or policy-based progress we’ve made over the years – from 1865 to 1965 to 2065 – will just cover up the real sickness. 
I truly believe that we can’t pick and choose our American values and freedoms and liberties, we inherit them from all those who fought the good fights before us. We must continue to strive to be better. We’ve come a long way, but there’s still a long way to go. We must keep going.
I truly believe this is the best country on earth, and that it takes all of us – together – to ensure that it continues to be that way. No words or speeches or political posturing or 300 year old documents can do that for us. 

WE have to do it. We have to do it with our hearts and minds and intentions. We have to do with how we act and learn and evolve. We have to do it through our collective commitment to keep this country as a beautiful beacon of hope, diversity, opportunity and freedom to the world.
I know we are scared sometimes. I know things are unfair sometimes. I know that enough is enough sometimes. But the only way to rise up and out of the chaos around us – from San Francisco to Tulsa to Charlotte to New York – is to climb out of it together.
I truly believe that all of us can, and will, come together to make that climb.
I’m not even American and yet I feel this great about it and have so much hope, respect and faith that things will get better.
If you’re American your voice should be louder than mine. Your love should grow deeper than mine. Your embrace should be warmer than mine. For this is your only home, so stop being silent, stop the hate, stop the racism and everything else that divides people for if America gets divided that will be the end of the world.  
Remember You are the United States of America.  Not the Divided States of America. Let us learn to see the good in one another. The strength in one another and the freedom in one another. 
Last words on your anthem says. Home of the BRAVE. Don’t ignore that, for you’ll be turning it into Home of the Cowards. The world is watching, don’t turn your back on one another.
When your son’s and daughters go away to fight and die for your country, make sure when they return their time, pain, sweat and blood meant something. That they return home to a wonderful and peaceful  place where love is in everyone. 
If you’re going great to use their sacrifice to express yourself then let what you express be not fear or hate.

May you grow to find the truth.

​All that I would have ever been is etched in my heart. Sometimes I wonder how one can be alive and not seem like it. People are seeking to be happy yet I here feel I’ll be selfish to be without you.

With so much pain I have to let you go now because here is the only place I’ve lived where love can do more damage than hate. I want you to know I am alive and well and not dead as they tell you I am. They’ll give another father and another story, but when you get a chance to read this someday know that I am your father and root of your story. This is one of the hardest thing I’ve ever written because my heart has sunk that people can be cruel to others that they rip your soul out. I’ve become numb to love because of fear to lose those I love again. If I could relive a day. If I could turn back time and change things. If I could have you again. I’d spend every breath of it with you. 
Should this be the last things that I say, I want you to know I never stopped loving you. I’ve never asked anyone for forgiveness but son if you can find it in your heart forgive me for not fighting hard enough, forgive me for not being there for you. My efforts were only a teardrop in an ocean of fire. My heart will burn with passion of a thousand suns yearning to meet you again.
 People on my state of life have lost their mind because they couldn’t handle what’s being done to them, but I cling on the last bit of hope and vision that I will see you in the future or in afterlife.  Know that in your father and his fathers father’s paper do not define us nor are not made of it. These papers I’m going to sign is only footprints on the beach and the wave of our love will make them wash away. I will love every child in your honor but my love for will forever be in my heart. 

I love forever. 

Life tests everything to strengthen them

Many are going to plan anew or seek new lease at life, set new goals and heights of things they seek to achive. But a few will see where they’re truly going for they’re deeply gazing at where they come from. Because of fear change seems as an uphill battle, tending to coil in our comfort becomes our high fenced home. but when we spend all our passion, breaths, thoughts and energies to evolving, we become more than we dream of. 
We become great. What we need to become should not be filed by emotions but spirit to live strong and health life is what we dream of. When on your doings struggles will be there also. Do not hate them nor be broken by them for without them you will be very weak. 
Life tests everything. Life tests nature and you’re part of middle of it. If you look at nature and the animal kingdom your learn that life does what it does so everything can evolve. Change only makes us escape a moment, use it to align your path to a new one, but remember evolving makes us wiser for a very long time because it cripples the past.

Inner wolf running

As I waited in vain for my Garmin watch to find signal, I looked up while lifting my watch in desperation to find a signal in the skies but all I could see is pregnant clouds threatening to burst open. I could strongly sense my mind having second thoughts, but hope deceives for the choice was already made by it that it won’t rain sooner so rain or shine I must go for this run.  
40minutes later I was deep in the woods splashing and slicing through the forest following a narrow path with rain sending it’s best tears, as I continued to run the rugged trail begun to fade away, and to my surprise I was terribly lost on a broken path and could not find my way back for I had already gone blindly too far. 

The sound of violent thunder and pouring rain brought conflict to my judgement, with a blind courage I made my own lolloping path but further I followed it the more I got lost like a wounded dog on the side of the highway on a rainy day. 

I ended up falling down in the shoulders of a raging river up above the cliff, it is then it hit me my Garmin failure to give me a signal swiftly as usual was actually a signal to go back indoors for I would end up lost for 6hrs.. I awakened my inner Wolf and like a stream it crawled in the mud and rocks  beneath branches as its spirit  led me to the main road where I ran back home like a river to the sea.

 I got back home wonderfully drenched and muddy. I took a shower like moth wants to be part of the flame, as I turned off the shower there was a great silence even in my heart… Something was not right. I looked on the window and the sun was shining like it does in the desert, there was no even a brush of frail cloud in the sky and my Garmin was asking are you ready to move.. all I could say to myself is shout “SERIOUSLY ARE YOU KIDDING ME”.. hehe 

Be the master of your mind.

​I was asked how do I meditate, for me meditation is a path that leads me out of what I’m struggling with and once I come back to the physical world I’m able to see things in different perspective which often demands I let go, because this life is a journey and not and battle. I also meditate to remember clearly the things I was taught when I was young as if I’m that young boy again. Meditation for me is to understand everyone emotions, voice and feeling that are with me and where are they coming from before I give them life, voice and strength. Because to be a warrior we must never say or do things that we don’t meant to.
Choose your words carefully because your subconscious mind is constantly listening to you. Even though we do entire thinking in our conscious mind, the subconscious mind is constantly observing everything that is going through your mind. So whatever you keep saying in your conscious mind, your subconscious mind is listening. When you keep repeating the same message over and over in your conscious mind, your subconscious mind starts to install that within a system and start the process of substantiating that in your life.
The subconscious mind is a powerhouse. It is a reality generational center. Once subconscious mind receives a message, it starts to work on it. It starts making it happen.

If you want to know how life works, you must know how your subconscious mind works. Meditate to know where the feelings and emotions you have hails from, then try to know why and mind what is their purpose, will they make you feel joyful and peaceful when you express them?. Having said that I’ve meant ‘watch what you say because your subconscious mind is constantly listening to you’.
When something that happens to you, and you say, ‘oh this is a total disaster’, then your subconscious mind thinks it is a disaster. I found myself in that edge yesterday and I had to constantly remind myself this must never end up in your heart, for sadness to follow may darken your path.  The thing is when you keep repeating the same message over and over, it will sink into your subconscious mind eventually and find its way to take root deep in your heart.
So from today definitely watch what you say, and keep in mind it will reach your subconscious mind for sure. Positive thinking can start just from now. Say what you want to achieve, not what you want to avoid, hate or regret. You didn’t come this far to be this far, as long you stand and breathe the journey continues because our dreams are many thanks we know of, what we came for is just a plate of meal.   Let your meditation give you a belief you can escape to, for purpose of meditation is to save us from the noise and conflict of this world that seeks to break our spirit. Always go deep within where you cannot be easily be broken.  From there you’ll be able to face this life as as warrior.

Remember when you are the master of your mind, you become the master of your life.

That’s my message for today. Have a great day!