Causes of Plantar fasciitis


Plantar fasciitis is caused by straining the ligament that supports your arch. When there is too much stress on a band of tissue (a tendon, a ligament or the plantar fascia) from overuse, or from a sudden change in use that traumatizes the tissue, that can result in degeneration (becoming broken or worn down).

Repeated strain can cause tiny tears in the ligament. These can lead to pain and swelling. This is more likely to happen if:

Your feet roll inward too much when you walk or stress the big toe with weight when you run.
You have high arches or flat feet. *-If one of these is design of your foot, the only way to make it normal is by investing on flexibility on your hips, hamstrings, toes, shins, ankles and calves)
You walk, stand, or run for long periods of time, especially on hard surfaces.
You are overweight.
You wear shoes that don’t fit well or are worn out.
You have tight Achilles tendons or calf muscles.
The sides of your shins are very tight.
Your opposite glute is weak.
High-heeled shoes can also be lead to plantar fasciitis because thet make your Achilles tendon contract and shorten, which puts strain on the tissue around your heel.
It will be very difficult to train at high-level when you have a nagging injury, sometimes it is wise to cut the mileage, the desire and invest that energy on healing and your form. When you have so much expected from you and your body is not delivering, the problem you have will double and you’ll only be hurting your image and one-self. You’ll want to decrease your miles until the pain subsides, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop exercising completely. Swap swimming or bicycling for running. You’ll likely be able to return to running as the pain gradually improves or disappears.

If does not require surgery which I hope not, it can be treated but time and patience is what you must have. Treatement will begin with flexibility
*Hip adjustment (Chiropractor is the master of that)
* 4Days of massage on the calves, shins, arch and very deeply on top of the foot.
*Icing and Lifewave patches.

With all the gifted hands and technology we have in this generation, have faith in them to make you better.

If you’re an athlete, be graceful to look on the dawn of your problem, ”The Stiffness”
What you have did not happen in a day, it grew, and it came from far away from where you feel it. Its something that has been unfurling to this point.

Just place yourself unto a healing hands and you’ll be back in your journey, you may miss your goal, but the truth is after every goal theres always another one in our hearts wanting us to go after it. What we want for ourselves is nothing compared to what we will grow to become.
Stay positive and full of life; remember, a warrior always stays strong.

It is not about talent, its about how hard you work

Talent by itself is nothing without hard work, it must be put beyond the edge of its purpose for one to savor what he seeks, remember victory is not easily conquered, its a great battle that requires one to fight with all the weapons that stands on his heart, such as courage, passion, sacrifice, perseverance, hope, discipline, focus, faith. determination, optimism and last of all one must be of hunger for victory, for when we fight for something it is how we find triumph and all the blessings that comes with it.

Life is about giving it the best, to enjoy it to the fullest, being vicious and strong like a lion when things get tough, being stubborn like a badger to endure when the odds seems to be against you, being you at all times and in the end of the road life will reward you.

We are home

We must not be swift to turn into the heavens and blame the gods for what’s happening to us, the one to blames is ourselves, for taking lives of animals and of our own race, for cutting trees and hurting one another, for being of greed and using religion to despise one another and create fear, we do not need to curse when things do not go our way, nor fight one other for there’s no victory in it, we’re better than that, for deep within us there’s a part that wants good things to happen, if we all believe in good, then we must rise together and create the heaven we want.

This world is our home, and we’re all natives here, for we breathe the same air, walk with two legs in the same land made of dirt. Let’s protect, let’s care, let’s cherish and above all let’s love, for without it we’re nothing, and sad events will be the rain that we cannot hide from.

This is our home, let’s treat like the home we all have. Adopt a child, adopt a pet, have many friends, let’s love to be with the brings that have souls, plant tree and things that gives us life, and treasure everything else, for it is our responsibility to take care of all.

The crocodiles and hyenas in our mind

If you do not rise, you’ll never see far, and the field in your mind where dreams roam will become a swamp where sadness and regrets roar like hungry crocodiles battling starving hyenas. Just like fire cleanses the Savanah and the storm awakens a new life. Let what happens to you cleanse the mud in your heart and the fog in your mind. Perceive life with a positive state of mind and you’ll not be broken easily.

The spirit never fails

It is not wise to blame anyone for what we become, what we lose or where we end up. It is the path we chose gets to lead us to our fate. We have the ability to see so much of what’s to come, often they speak to us through dreams, visions, instincts and deep energy that allows us to see things that the eyes could not see. But instead many use this ability to worry and feel fear. Align yourself with life you strongly believe the heavens decided it is great for you, and embark towards with tue spirit, for the spirit never breaks, lies nor become weak. I know this because it’s what makes warriors brave and successful. Spirit has honor.