Be gentle.
Be wise.
Be peaceful.
Be thoughtful.
Be loving.
Be humble.
Be kind.
Be affectionate.
Be resilient.
Be willing.
Be great at all these, and you’ll be great at so much more, for they are the God’s that grants us the innate strength that never betrays us.

Don’t lose your joy

It is awfully sad that in this beautiful and finitude of existence many people lose small joys in pursuit of big happiness.

When all you worry about is your dreams, and forgetting that life has more for you than your dreams, then you will struggle more, feel more pain than this life intended.

It is not wise to tangle yourself up in knots of not knowing what to do or what you’re truly capable of,  you’ll end up having  turgid dreariness of having one dimensional mind, and as time passes,  age will make sure you see all that you missed because you never truly lived your energy and courage to its fullest.

Remember this, if you believe you have something that is special,  that you strongly believe it’s from the higher power then stop questioning it. Its insulting to your creator that you’re putting limitations to what you’ve been given. Enjoy the little moments,  even if they’re loss and defeat, for they all have wisdom in them.

Everything you go through,  happens to you and have, are meant to reveal something for you and about you. Don’t get stuck, for the past will never let you go and the future will not easily forgive you.

Better yourself where you made mistakes,  so your future-self will not live in pain. Above all, don’t let your beliefs blind you.

Things you say to yourself

I was teaching a client today about being fortunate and unfortunate.

In the end of the day you’re standing between the two ways of your minds view, and whichever side you chose to go is where you’ll define your life and self with.

Words have great creative power. Let go of the negative language you use to describe yourself.

Practice talking about yourself and your dreams in a positive way.


What are my strengths?
What are my weaknesses?
What do I see when I look at my life?
Is what I see a reflection of my truest self?

In training and in life, always seek the honesty if you want things to be better.

Be honest as if it is demanded from you, because honesty strengthens faith and cultivates trust.

Don’t blame yourself

If I did this,  If I did that, this or that might not have happened.  This is the mindset that leads to spirit crippling, beating yourself up never saves anyone nor solves anything.
This blame and becoming a victim of what has happened should not become a fate you embrace. 

Let go what you’ve lost, and move on by rising the barrier and making yourself a wiser warrior for the battles that may arise.

If it is speed or strength that will be demanded from you train to have, if it is experience that is needed where you’re going then learn from everything you’ve been through and going through.

In the process of learning to take charge of your thinking, remember not to criticize yourself. It’s important to be honest about your weaknesses, but you must learn from them, not attack yourself with them.

My friend,  this is the warriors way.

Sleep with a clear mind

If you go to sleep with negative thoughts you will wake up with the same and feel drained.

Your energy flows to areas of focus. Thoughts can either boost your energy or drain it.

Life hack: Analyse your day each evening and think of what you could have done better. Focus on areas which you can control rather that the areas that you cannot. The thoughts of improvement and becoming better each day will give you positive vibes.

Last but not least being thankful before you sleep and first thing when you wake up is what sets the standard.

The best things in life are simple. Make your mindset a gift, and life will become your canvas.  You’re capable of creating so much beauty,  don’t waste this gift.

Let it be

The biggest lesson I learned this year is to not force anything; conversations, friendships, relationships, attention, love. 

Anything forced is just not worth fighting for, whatever flows flows, what crashes crashes, what goes let it be.


If your ideas are different from what everyone else around you seems to be thinking, it doesn’t mean that you’re wrong or that your ideas are not valuable.

Most flowers bloom in the sun and close at night. But not all of them.

Deep thoughts

How can we identify what really makes us itch, or what we love?
How can we seamlessly reconcile our competing desires and obligations?
How can we balance individual resolve and achievement with a sense of collective understanding and well-being?
Moreover, how should we define what a successful life is?

It takes time

Your life is a work in progress. It takes time for you to grow and mature.

Everything requires a certain time frame for its completion.

Remember this, When there is a delay in reaching your goal, remind yourself that it’s not over ’til it’s over.

As long as you’re here, the opportunity to reach your goal is here.


The powerful presence of love within you desires above all to help you achieve your highest potential.

It is love that brings you every situation, every obstacle, and every lesson as opportunities to create your greatest growth.

Be kind

Among us, some are quietly hurting in places they cannot reach with their own hands, and maybe this is the only reason we are here. So try to heal, try help, try to be there, be a friend. Be someone who cares. Be kind more than it is necessary.

Be honest

Have you shaped yourself with information based on who you really are or with misinformation that came from something or someone in your environment? The answer may not be clear at first, but stay with this question and be very honest.

Love deeply

Whoever makes it to your heart to make you whole, hold and love them back like your life depends on it.

Being compassionate means eliminating inner misunderstanding, indifference and antagonism towards others, accepting all and giving them proper help so that they can escape suffering and attain happiness.

Be open

In life, we’ll always lose our way, but it is people, not the signs that guide us back to the right path.

Always expand your family, always be open to new friendships. For in the animal kingdom, there’s strength in numbers.

The wave

Picture a wave. In the ocean. You can see it, measure it, its height, the way the sunlight refracts when it passes through. And it’s there. And you can see it, you know what it is. It’s a wave.
And then it crashes in the shore and it’s gone. But the water is still there.

The wave was just a different way for the water to be, for a little while. You know it’s one conception of death for Buddhists: the wave returns to the ocean, where it came from and where it’s supposed to be.

The feelings that made you loose your peace will die, the stress, the pain, the expectations, the desperate yearn for control, all will die, because we get tired and we change and evolve to be deeply as we are meant to be.

Often in life, we spend so much time rising to much that is chaotic or makes us forget who we are. When the wave hits the shores it remembers what he is. When you love someone, remember every moment that you love them, in words, actions and thoughts, all of them has to align with the affection that love is made of, just like the water that makes the ocean.

Remember to not allow other emotions to rise and flow aimlessly as if they’re important only to meet their shores and change, for they are just waves, everything is, even our moments and existence. But if you worry not, an ocean everything becomes. Be at peace with what you have, who you are and who you have.

Try not to lose them nor yourself because of the waves, nor let nothing change you unto becoming a wave, for waves destroy things easily. You are made of water, and you are an ocean filled with life, love and so much more that only heaven can describe. The waves are too small of a thing for any of us to be. Always be the ocean.

Life is Good-KC

I need a favour

Hey friends, do you have or know anyone who has Binoculars and drone they’re not using and wants to donate it to a wildlife warden/guard who’s amazing and has dedicated her life and soul to protecting our majestic Elephants and other animals from poachers?

Lets play a role even it is small to saving those who have no voice. We can make an impact. It all starts with us. It is not a difficult thing to have compassion, it doesn’t even need a sacrifice, its just remembering to be human, who we truly are.

And oh, I think its time we give Elephants personhood, so that the abuse, the caging and poaching of them can end.
#kenyawildlife #elephantsarenottrophies #stoppoaching

Believe in yourself

Before anyone starts to believe in you, you have to fully believe in yourself. Before asking someone to invest in you, you have to be fully invested on yourself. And most of all stop overriding your intuition by asking other people for advice.

You may have the greatest gift thats meant to brighten this world, and someone advice of it to you may end up causing you to bringing it unto light. And if it is advice you truly need from them, then you mustn’t allow them to decide for you.

Control your destiny, for this is about your journey, your growth, your passion and the well-being of your future-self.

Do and be well for your future-self

These hard times, this pain, the lessons one day they’ll be your strength, your awareness, your wisdom, your blessings. As you sten into a new year, let go of all that is not you, the resent and bad friendships and relationships.

I know you want to find a way to heal but there’s a way to that, and also a way beyond that which is your actual path.

As much as you want to feel or remember what was done or said unto you, it is wise to embark unto the depths of what you need. You may have to be or do it alone or may have to break your heart, but when it comes to saving your soul then have no other choice nor linger no more.

This journey is your journey, your soul is meant to be nourished by so much that has yet to be seen or happen, use not your feelings to cage yourself where your thoughts melt into tears or hardens your heart.

Live a life the heavens dreamt for you, be where you’re needed the most, live in a place that feeds your life with joy and peace.

Lead this life, this moment and ambitions and love you have to this place your future-self dreams to be. Remember, youre capable of creating amazing and beautiful things, this is the heaven thats within us all.

Thankful of you

What matters is not the idea we hold, but the depth at which we hold it. In the end you regret less the things you believed that weren’t true than the things that never came true because you didn’t believe.

Close your eyes and see the beauty. I believe that there is an explanation for everything, so, yes, I believe in miracles. When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses, thank you extended warrior family.

To all my brothers and sisters from all walks of life, present and those present in spirit, whether we have met or not thank you for being a pillar to my existence (You know your names 😉

Friendship isn’t a big thing to me – it’s a million little amazing things. Thank You for this friendship and so much more that our lives have gotten to share and the lives we’ve gotten to help together this year and in the years before.

Thankful to make it this far this year and in life, and for this beautiful lionista who adds a roar into my adventurous life. 🙂

Focus on your journey

Just because you’re driving on the same road as everyone else, doesn’t mean you’re on the same journey or will end up on the same place.

Some will run out of gas, some will veer of course because of distractions along the way, some will eventually get to the destination but turn right around because they have the will power to get there but not the staying power to stay there.

Grow not fall

If they cannot see nor understand your soul and its way, how can they love your heart?
Whoever you have, make sure your story is described by how you’re growing in love and not falling in love.

Falling has a habit of bringing pain, because flight in our fall happens from flying too close to the sun, our heart was never meant to fly, but climb and grow.

This love you give comes from the source of your life and energy, that streams light into your journey and gives pulse to your heart.

Don’t fall into things that changes the coursebof the rest of your destiny, thats why it has been said only fools rush in. Like the wise and the trees do, grow in and rise in to love, for everything great is meant to have a journey.

The key

The real key to enjoying life is to live in the moment. Not waiting for you to get older or achieve something.

What you don’t have, is just pain you’re creating in your mind, just like a teenager who cant wait to move from their parents house to begin their life.

Remember, getting old happens very fast.

The tribe called Kalenjin



The Kalenjin tribe belongs to the Nilotic ethnic group called highland Nilotes which consists of the following sub-tribes spread throughout East Africa;

• Kipsigis
• Nandi
• Keiyo
• Marakwet
• Sabaot/Kony
• Pokots/Suk
• Terik
• Ogiek/Dorobo
• Tugen (Samor, Eldorais, Lembus,Pokor keben,Aror)
• Sengwer/Cherangany

The above are in Kenya while in Tanzania consists of:

• Barabaek
• Tatireek
• Hilbangrangaek
• Sonjoek
• Sirikwaek (Sindawi)
• Nataeek)
• Badyut
• Tatogaeek

In Sudan are Morule among others while in Uganda are Sebei or Kipsabiny among others.
The word or term ‘Kalenjin’ was coined by earlier scholars of the tribe during 1940s probably at Alliance High school. This is because all the sub tribes of Kalenjin always utter the word ‘Kaleeii’ meaning ‘I say or l say to you’, before uttering or saying any word.

Thus the word ‘kaleeii’ is common to all of the sub-tribe hence Kalenjin collectively.Earlier the colonialist used to refer to all kalenjin as Nandis,thus actually all Kalenjin collectively resisted colonial rule in Kalenjin land, lead by legendary Koitalel Arap Samoei in Nandi, Kipchomber arap Koilegen alias kiptoingeny kochichlem, kibuigut Arap Singoe and Kipkirui Arap Boisio in Kipsigis land.

All were sons of legendary Kipnyole Arap Turugat alias Simbolei.Koitalel Arap Samoei ,Kipnyole last born was finally assassinated by colonolist while others first born Kipchomber Arap koilegen and other brothers were finally deported to Maragwa and his kinsmen later deported to Gwasi area heavily infested with tsetsefly in Lambwe valley actually a form of genocide.
The original name of kalenjin is ‘miot’ meaning lovers of honey and milk since they are their preffered meal.

The kalenjin myths claims that they are the miot lagokab lote (miot children of lote) Miot could also refers to Moabites in Bible which is an indication that they may have come across each other and intermarry at a place called Goshen.The current kalenjin council of elders are called Miot because of above.

The Old Testament of the Bible shows a very closely related cultural practices of Jews and kalenjin showing that they have a common ancestry. When Jesus Christ was born , King Herod instructed the wise men to determine when Jesus was born using stars. In Kalenjin there are two wise men with special instinct abilities who can read stars, Koromerik and kipsomoguk to tell various events, reading of intestines to determine the situations among others.

The Kalenjin were monotheist; worshippers of one Supreme Being. This made it easier for them to accept the Christian message. The Supreme Being was called Asis which has many attributes;
Cheptalel ( the controller of all things),or Cheptalil i.e one which glitters meaning purity
Chebonomi (giver of life),
Chepokipkoyo (God the protector);
Chepomirchiio (God who over sees armed forces);
Chepkeelyen sogol ( the Omnipresence God),
Chemalus (God knows all ),
Chepokimabai (God the controller of all harvest) ,
Weriit neo (God is important of all and has feelings),
Cheboo (God is great);
Chepwooboit (God the great worker);
Chepkochor (God is everlasting),
Tororot (God is the most high) just like in Bible, Adonai, Jiren, Nissi, Shalom, Shammah, Tsidkenu, Elshadai, Elohe among others are the attributes of Christian God.

A study by Dr. Kipkoech Arap Sambu in his book Egyptology has found that kalenjin share words with natives of Egypt (Kemet), native Egyptians refer to God as ptah, where as Kalenjin called Him Kiptayat and sun both called Asista.

Most Kalenjins myths claims that they originated from Tot or Burgei (warm place) from the North which is probably Egypt (Kemet).This is why when kalenjin are blessing they always utter words Burgei kole burgei signifying their originality.
According to legends, the Kalenjin came from Tot probably Dwo in Egypt (kemet).

The ancestors of Kalenjin were Tapnai and kingo who had the following Sons; Cherang Muukwo, Kipsirikwo, Kipongom and others from several wives. When Kingo was about to die as a result of old age his eldest son Olchiangwal inherit his younger wives and the named to non kiindi (one who inherits) and later name was shorted to Nandi.

His other son move to different fertile territory and became prolific and this Kipsigis ki-po-sigis i.e ‘one who gave birth to many.

Another version was that, while the sons was tending cows, one found the vessel called kiisiet (traditional bowl of ugali) he was then reffered by other as Kipsich kisiet i.e ‘one who found kiiset’ and later name of his generation became Kipsigisiek.

One of the Sons when to a safari but disappeared, he was waited in vain but they kept on faith and said to kigeni (two are still having hope of waiting) and his generation because of event became The Tugen.

Other Son went far field milking Kingos called when others asked about the cattle his response was kei-yoo i.e ‘the mother is milking’ hence his generation became The Keiyo.

Other Son is believed to have demanded for kwesta (Ram) and was called mach kwesta and later his generation became The Marakwet.

The other Son was banished for misconduct and he disappeared from home, he was later thought to be dead but the mother kept on saying sobei (still alive) and thus his generation became The Sebei of Uganda.

The other Sons remained at kingo’s homestead these were Koony and Pokot. Pokot means Pokoot i.e ‘the owner of the house’ and Koony means ‘ our home’ this gives rise to Pokot generation.

The Kalenjin traditional huts resembles Egyptian pyramids, totems of clans are used by both Egyptians showing that they have common phylogeny or ancestry.

Egypt is derived from two deities Isis(Asis) and Ra and El – the semitic deity. The kalenjin say that in their migratory journey in a wild far country, they were pursued by an enemy. One elder upon a lake they could not cross intoned four times – Beekab kamama yas ole yas (waters of maternal uncles part say part), the water parted and on reaching the other side of the river the same elder intoned again four times – Beekab kamama king ole king (waters of maternal uncles meet say meet) and the water met killing the enemy instantly.

However the kalenjin still remember the elder who intoned as musaika as they sing a song called ndomo rireetab musaika as sing a song called ndomo rireetab musaika kotomokimi emoni – a song sung after women have been circumcised.

The entire kalenjin sometimes called themselves Bikab kutit (people of mouth). This is because when missionaries came earlier they noticed that most members of this tribe had good white teeth (Good teeth – kutit).
Thus kalenjin then called themselves bikab kutit (people with good teeth as they are found of taking milk which have calcium for proper teeth formation. Mouth (space between the jaws) is actually called Ngesemta or moromet.

The Kalenjin entirely were ruled and governed by council of elders, where the Orkoiyot was the chief medicine man, religious leader and guide the community when to undertake anything whether planting or raiding other communities.

The Orkoiyot was both the person and the highest office on land. The Oorkoik (workoiik) were royal people who lead kalenjin in olden times. Oorkoi means ‘this house of big or intelligent people.’ The Hellenic Greeks called them Arkhont. Oo (big), Koi (house or stone) Hence workoii (Oorkoi) means these people are from the house of leaders (rocks). Amazingly woorkoik were given “Rock” names like Jewish prophets, Koitalel (white rock), koilegen (spotted rock) kobogoi, koitabai (rock of grinding millet).

The Orkoiyot are also responsible of bestoweing wisdom and joy to the Kalenjin people. Kalenjin warriors from a very young age are taught to track and run. Which most Kalenjin people are know of having an uncanny ability as the best distance runners and desert trackers in the world. They are able to find traces of people or animals in the sand; tell whether the animal was running or whether a man or woman and was carrying equipment just like the Bedouins people.

This very special skill has made Bedouins very valuable to the Isreal army, especially for guarding the borders. They are among those few Israel Arabs who can volunteer to serve in army and are always called upon to track down enemy troops who have broken through Israel’s border defenses. The Bedouins like some Kalenjins pride themselves on their capacity for hospitality and concern for people. However, their code of conduct does not see habit of raiding other tribes livestock as something that is wrong. The kalenjin participated greatly in British army during Second World War and there are a lot of claims that it was their envolment which leads to the end of the war.

The reasons for Kalenjin migration from Egypt were; search of greener pastures, drought, hostile neighbouring communities, disease outbreaks, enslavement and to fulfill myths of their fore fathers. And in particular attacked by powerful invaders called kipyayamungen who were white.

The kalenjin during pre-colonial period had a well organized social, economic and political organization with well structured central government. The religious system were well organized and the religious practices were strictly adhered to which in turn leads to a well rounded person in all aspects that is mind, body and spirit.

Kalenjin since time immemorial from Egypt has demonstrated leadership position several Egyptian pharaohs were actually Kalenjin. Too in build instict of military organization of Kalenjin was used by pharaoh in expansion of its territory.
In modern Africa Kalenjin has produced several political leaders namely;Daniel Toroitich Kapkorios Arap Moi who ruled Kenya for 24 years as president Jomo Kenyatta kenyas first president and His son Uhuru Kenyatta Kenyas fourth President are claimed to have Kalenjin blood, Proffesor Yusuf Lule of Sebei of Uganda ruled Uganda for one month as president ,current Republic of Kenya Deputy president William Kipchirchir Samoei Arap Ruto among other reknown persons in proffesinal fields. kongoi konyon gotab kandoik gotab lole mat.

Kenya is known internationally especially because of its unique athletes who have dominated the track for couple of decades because of their outstanding track records where the Kalenjin names features prominently.Those who excell from other tribes are mainly immediate neighbours of Kalenjin and thus rumours goes that it may have been born as a result of generosity of Kalenjin sharing their genes with neighbours.

The Ethiopians Oromos too are claimed to be splinter group of Kalenjin while they were dispersing from Egypt that is why they are very good athletes.Oromo comes from Kalenjin term bik che koromen i.e. people who are fierce.

The children songs and riddles used to prophesy the future events which actually came to pass for example, the song Chepkongo teme ano tinget ,ame ano tuga sung in 1940s predict the current event of land scarcity as a result of population explosion Teretab kogo chemagirgir tondet,kigome anan tomi, kigome was sung by children in earlier 1930s when the traditional pot was used for cooking which takes a lot of time to cook food,the children predicted the use of modern sufurias which take very much shorter time because of their good conductivity since they are made of alluminium.

The riddle Telelen kiptiltilyet iitit asi kogur chemunai nemi oi i.e .simoit was used by children in 1950s and currently actually every one owns a phnone.The past kalenjin prophets notably Kimondit Arap Mugeni boiyot kiptormesendet of Chemagel Sotik prophesies a lot which actually came to be very true.