Kiprunning sports massage #hamstrings

11637933_10207195888954905_733175709_nThe hamstrings are a bi-articular muscle that crosses the hip and the knee. When this muscle gets “tight” (mainly from sitting most of the day), it has the potential to have an affect on both the hip and knees, and can cause you to have deeply shaded emotions.

Common problems that are seen in the hip are not being able to maintain a lordosis (the natural curvature of the lower spine) during steep hill running or when doing a squat or dead lift. Common hamstring restrictions in the knee often lead to hamstring tears and/or constant pain in the back of the knee and calves.

Performing deep tissue massage and finishing it with myofascial work and putting a warm towel to the hamstrings and posterior aspect of the leg can dramatically increase the pliability and mobility of the joints. Having work done on your hamstrings can also improve your performance in the foundational lifts such as squats, high knees, comfortable and powerful strides while running, dead lifts and any other exercises that requires proper hip and spine mobility.

So if you find yourself having problems maintaining the correct position of the bottom of a squat or difficulty getting into the correct starting position of a dead lift, or speed reaction during training you might need some work done on your hamstrings.

hamstring-origin-tendinopatIf you happen to travel long distance for a race, first thing you must do is take a very hot shower or soak in epsom salt, then get a flush massage especially from the hamstring origin then to the rest of the hamstring, flutes and entire back which aims to relax contracted muscles, improve blood and lymphatic circulation, and stimulate the stretch reflex in muscles, because of sitting down for a long time. This is also good for after a hard session of training, then it is followed with a hot shower as always. I Recommend you to drink lots of water, and anti inflammatory too in form of arnica, turmeric, and pineapple, because if you’re an athlete who seeks to achieve great things a deep tissue massage will follow later on the day 40 min to 1hr before your evening jog.

Recovery is very important if you want to get the best out of your legs. To find that improvement you seek, never sleep on the thought that I will stretch tomorrow or get one massage a week. You have to make it a part of your training, especially on the hard days. So, never ignore what constantly asks for your attention.

Before you go to a therapist seeking to know what is bothering and holding you back. Here are part of your problem.
1- Weak abdominal.
2- Tight thoracolumber extensors.
3- Weak gluteus maximus.
4- Tight hip flexors.
5- Quadratus lumborum.

Spend 2x a day for 2 days working on strengthens these five i’ve pointed before you go see a therapist. Remember, everything begins with you.

Kiprunning sports massage #Shin splints

11219711_10207194337796127_6821807643642419048_nSee beneath between medial and lateral gastrocnemius muscle at the Gastrocnemius aponeurosis?. If you have shin splints, if you press that spot very deep enough. Like 15 – 20 pounds of pressure. You’ll be able to release it, but still you’ll need to get massaged all of the lower leg including the bottom of the feet. Avoid intervals and hill repeats or any speed workouts or long runs. Instead start running on soft grounds like soccer field on easy pace or jogging.

Since your mind will be telling you that you’re falling behind in training, try to be in control of that by not thinking that way, be graceful and wear many layers of cloths, begin with tights then track suit on top. Since sadness will be getting attracted to you, first thing to tackle it is not by eating what it tells you to. Ice cream, chips and junk food you should be aware and far away from them. When injured it is not to eat yourself out to feel better.

Understand self-control is weak when injured, acknowledge this and you will not succumb to what will make you struggle when you heal. Also get some acupuncture as much as you can. Stretch while doing a 5min contrast between hot water mixed with Epsom salt, then have another bucket that has ice water. And oh the hot water shouldn’t be like of to skin a chicken..haha

This shouldn’t take more than 1week to heal if you have the right therapist to work with. Also don’t expect it to heal in one visit. 3 to 5 in one week will do the magic. Remember, your body matters than the training or the races you’re worrying about. Be healthy first then you’ll train and run well.

Being a warrior is a state of mind and lifestyle

DesireUntil you do not know how to cry. Until you do not know how to hurt because of defeat and setbacks. Until you part ways with your feelings and walk with your spirit, until then you will be a true a warrior.

People may laugh at you, judge you, betray you and hurt your feelings, the only way to defeat them is to become joyful, then clobber them with it as they painfully watch. Remember, every time you become happier, peaceful and living your life to the fullest, makes their heart bleed more. 

It is not a warriors way to go in circles like a vulture that has seen a carcass, move on and if your life is a journey. When defeated, shame, pain or frustration must never become your fate. Go back home where peace is, meditate on what can happen, create a path to your goal, find balance, train not like a champion but as a warrior who seeks to reclaim his village, cattle and all that he loves and wants to be with.

Find that strength that roars within us all, and when it is time to rise, rise like an arrow pointing into the heavens ready to pierce the dark clouds, and charge like a hungry lion.

Today is your day to achieve more than what you lost. Remember a warrior never lets his shadow do the thinking for him, for he will see fear and doubts, also it is hard to walk confidently in the dark. Put your feelings aside and wear spirit proudly and bravely.

A warrior only thinks with his will, for it’s where his spirit stands. And where there’s a will, there’s a way. Where there’s spirit, there’s light. Within where courage comes from is where you belong, become one with it, and it will become one with you. And remember, spending time dwelling on hating what happened, blinds us from seeing and making great things happen.

Let go things that doesn’t raise you, free you or complete you, and start living to become more than you’ve ever been. Being a warrior is not age, weight or looks nor your past, it is about positive state of mind and lifestyle.

Be spirited, that’s all you need to conquer any battle.

Nobody looses their mind

As a warrior I’ll say this to you, all you hear about someone losing their mind is a very big lie and foolish excuse.

Nobody looses their mind. People follow their mind. And as we all know, when you follow your mind it can either make you or destroy you.

What you continually think becomes the path you follow.

People are afraid of things that are not true, and when you have fear it is easy to find a reason to hate.

Tell me someone can lose themselves to hatred and I will agree with you, but losing our mind is a very foolish to say.

We’re all Gods

To me I believe we’re all Gods, because we come and shape life and leave when our time is up comes, then better Gods come in and do the same. But also there is plenty evil among us which spawns from our desires and concrete feelings that we’ve cemented ourselves upon which makes us hungry is so many different ways.

Just like it is in the scriptures, evil was not always there, it something that came to be because of the act of desire, just like we are. The rest that is life is something we cannot explain and waste of time if we camp upon it. We can only enjoy it and learn from it to shape what we can from the reflection of its beauty.

I don’t think we can ever fully understand each other because we’re growing and we’re always changing like life does. But we can accept, respect and love one another because there’s joy in it. Lets live and actually plant something that is tangible like tress, flowers, friendship and everything else that will forever feed and be there for those who will come after us.