Two sides

There are two instances when we need someone by our side: 1) during our finest moment and 2) suffering through our worst hour. If, by some strange twist of fate, both are happening concurrently, then that necessity becomes absolute.

Create better feelings

Theres nothing in life that is impossible to teach or learn. Have attraction to it, dedicate yourself to it, believe in it and yourself, be passionate and patient about it, never get tired on it, never stop asking questions about it, work hard on it. If one can become a warrior, so can you. But whoever you seek to be, you mustn’t become like anyone but better, for we do not exist to be someone else.

Begin that by taming your emotions, for they are the reason often we lose ourselves and become who we are not. Remember, you’re creating everything you feel. Create better feeling, and you’ll ¬†create better self.