Cherish one another

It is said, nothing lasts forever. Which is a bitter truth. Although we don’t have forever, but we have today to love than the days past.

Do the things that make one another happy in many different ways than they can imagine.

To wrap a smile on the faces we find beautiful when it’s soul smiles.

Fill joy on the hearts closest to us.
Be there for them with everything that is you, in each moment than only in times of need.

Forever it’s what is within us for those who we cherish. Each day you want to be remembered it’s the forever you must work upon, and that day is here where you stand.

Calm spirit of the moonlight

Giving gratitude universe, for it has brought me further than my ancestors ever dreamt. Beyond the towering mountains that blocked many hearts. Above the desert that blankets hell, I have flew above the great seas and fat rivers.

Everything in it has always brought joy and strength to my life. from where I stand I will always enchant it with my will and all that it has blessed me with so I can exist as one of it’s kind hands and a warrior to myself and those I breathe for. With a calm spirit of a moonlight I will shine with.