Warrior cowboy and the journey on the wild west

d9955047d3e7970a53294c8ae08266f2This is a story of an African warrior cowboy with a big heart of an elephant who went further than he dreamt he could. His heart is caged by his ribs, he fears nothing for he knows hills and struggles is a path to everyone’s destiny. He works hard to get what he wants even if it takes sacrifice he will risk his pride to fulfill his purpose.

When his skies filled with darkness or storm, he’s arms will swiftly be outstretched unto sky and his prayers has always been, O’ great spirit that watched over warriors before me and my ancestors, help me today to conquer this battles.  As I summon my spirit let it charge out of my heart roaring, whatever may arise please don’t let me fall my life is in your hands.

As he sits there praying, the big room in his chest begins to tremble like an earthquake for the decisions he has made, there’s no turning back.
In his silent and short prayer he finds overwhelming strength to summons his strength not to crack or coward. 

His elephant heart is filled with faith that makes him stand strong, and in his unshakable soul he knows this trials shall came to pass.
With this belief in his heart he bears the courage and humility to withstand all brutal, suffocating and blinding winds of the wild west.

The wild winds of the west made his east hazy and the clouds above darkened his path and the bandits laid their trap in the roads he walks on like a slithering rattle snake that lies in the middle of the road waiting for someone to step on so it can strike with its venomous fangs. but he swore no mortal shall ever steal his dream or make him quit on his quest of fulfilling his destiny.

The day he was given the dream he found the purpose of life,
He chose to root it in the depths of his heart where no one can ever dig or reach, a place where everything its treasured forever. The sun shone from dawn to dusk but he walked tirelessly in scolding heat, hunger shortened his strides, but never his spirit. Nothing was to break him from heading towards east to where his destiny pointed, and even in the dead of the night he was always on horizon where light never dims.

sport12He is a knight in the nights and a warrior cowboy during the day.
He is a warrior cowboy without a horse, and a knight without a sword or spear, but even without these, his is unstoppable. 
He walks and runs through the desert and storms on blistered and bloodied feet, for he is bound with unyielding courage, hope and faith.

One day he came upon a lovely rock that seemed welcoming to be sat upon, as he sits there, he began to gaze at the skies, and he started to think to himself. I’ve been brave my entire life. I’ve lost so much till it blinded me from seeing the things I’ve gained.

In the midst of all that came after me, there were times I strongly felt like to run away as fast as wings can carry an eagle, to daylights in another land where darkened thoughts don’t tarry nor anyone have strength or voice to hurt one another.

Where day is night and night is day, Where moonlight bright and sunlight gray, Where clouds flow fast across the ground, Where water flying high, no sound. Where light enflames the sky.

Where dreams come true, love stays sublime. Where memories no tarnish tourney. Clearly thinking different thoughts. All light and airy, magic, faerie.

There has to be a place like this, Resounding purity and bliss, If not, I simply can’t endure the life and pain on this dark rugged desert. 

So, I’ll believe in somewhere else, upside down and inside out, different to this world we see, one to run to, dream about. Then he realized that place can never be found anywhere he may go, but it can be if he creates it.

And so the story of the Orkoiyot warrior cowboy with a big heart of an African elephant continues. He is known to many as a humble person because of his soft-spoken voice. He never argues with anyone. He loves everyone and everything, and he never gets tired of inspiring and motivating everyone even the ones he doesn’t know or haven’t met yet. The lives he has touched and changed left a mark on their hearts.

He’s filled with wisdom, but his greatest of blessing is his beautiful Son, Kiploingwani the little warrior, he loves him with his heart and soul for he made him strong when feelings tried to slid weakness into his heart. He’s always there even at times he didn’t need him, he’s son is the theme of his heart, and everything he carries with him. This story is long and it has no end, for a lot is still unsaid and all that’s need to be said it cannot be written, for it is like a thousand pound of weight.

d-zulu1Whatever journey you’re in, theres one thing you must never feel… Alone. As a warrior the saddest places and moments for me, are those where we believe we are truly alone. This should never be how we find or see ourselves. Theres more to life we can be and feel.

On this great journey, may the quiet whispers gentle call your spirit to awake, help you feel where feet could fall, give you roaring strength when weakness pretends to be your friend.

May a warrior with a big heart be how you live and die.

Love again so you can live again

kYou cannot love again till you stop fearing, let go the regrets, blame and hate that you hold on to.

Your past your enemy, broken people have a habit of branding and seeing it that way, yet it is toothless. You mustn’t give it weight either for you’ll always feel it crushing your soul. Don’t cry about it either, for it has no voice to say sorry. Don’t curse it either, for it has no ears to hear you. The past did what it did so you can learn to be wise and strong and become who you’ve become.

What bites the most is none other than your own thoughts, for you’ve allowed bitterness to be contained in your heart, and that’s something you’ll always feel.

Theres so much to life than what we hold within. Choose to feel joyous and alive, and life won’t seem ugly to you. Today is a glorious day to love again. 

Live for today

There is no past, it’s gone, one can never go back and re-live it. There is no future, it does not yet exist, it’s uncertain. There is only the here and the present, the eternal now. So live everyday like it might be your last day, because it really might be. Remember, Every man dies, but not every man truly lives.

Let your courage speak for itself

Never speak of your courage, for you may end up doubting and judging it. Let it speak for itself, because courage loves to express itself through action.

Real courage will make you laugh from the realization of the immense amount of inner strength that is available within us all.

Learn to stop the tormenting thoughts when they start chanting in your head… My mother told me that last line. Made me laugh at first before I took heed to it, but it still makes me laugh when I try to imagine it, or find myself having feeble thoughts and thinking of what I shouldn’t be.

Be grateful

Know why we get frustrated when things don’t go our way? It is because we blindly walk on a tightrope going uphill while on a hurry to be part of something that will not fully satisfy our heart.

We have completely forgotten the meaning of life is just to be alive. It is so plain and so obvious and so simple. And yet, everybody rushes around in a great panic as if it were necessary to achieve something beyond themselves.

To understand how peaceful your life its meant to be, go into a far deep in the forest and get very quiet where raging and barking sounds of the city does not reach, you’ll come to understand very clearly that you’re connected with everything.

Learn from everything and you will have peace. for if you choose to embark unto the journey to achieve everything, the road ahead is filled with betrayal, pain and many disappointments that some of them will not fade, they’ll become attach to you and walk with you, bugging you for the rest of your life.

Enjoy and be grateful with the less you have.