Don’t ever feel bad for making a decision about your life that upsets other people. You’re not responsible for their happiness.  You are and should always be responsible for your own happiness. 

Anyone who wants you to live in misery for their happiness should not be in your life to begin with.. Enjoy your life, set yourself free. Life’s journey is yours to decide and go where your heart leads you to.


Life taught me to turn my personal struggles into something helpful for others.

When in a quest to seek money, remember it’ll only take around this world if you want it to but one day when life doesn’t need you anymore you’ll end up leaving it which will be a waste if you never spent it cause all you  spent your life doing is piling and wanting to have more money.

Beneath she is all that she needs the most

She was beautiful until she stopped seeing it.

She was strong until she stopped believing it.

She was brave until she started remembering her failures. 

She was amazing until she believed she’s broken.

All the great things she was never changed, it is her attitude that changed. 
She abandoned her inner-self and became her own worst nightmare, forgetting she’s a lovely dream.

She became what she has become because she forgot who she truly is.

We all have that one lovely friend, who needs us more than we need anything. If you can lift her up, do it. But deeply remind her that she’s loved and so much more, because so much more is what life intends us to go through and become. 
An angel needs to create a piece of heaven out of rugged places. That piece of heaven is that lovely friend who is in a very dark place. Be the light to them, and not a ghost or a shadow.
Your scars are beautiful, its what makes you a warrior, remind her often of that till she roots this belief in her broken heart till she becomes a great warrior that she’s destined to be.

Light is not afraid to pass through cracks, let your light go through the cracks of her broken heart till you find her smile. Awake her unto your dream.

The wind goes wherever it wishes

The wild animals roar to be respected. The mountain stands bravely bowing to no storm. The river travels far fearing no path. The tree grows because its is destiny to do so. We share the same fate too with these magnificent gods of nature.
When you believe something is bigger than you and that you don’t stand a chance to defeat it, then you have already lost the battle without even standing in its frontline. Nothing becomes possible when you think less of yourself, you must always think highly of yourself. It is the backbone of warriors way, it is the way and spirit of life. 
Remember, you were wild once, don’t let the things that rises on your way tame you. Commit to a life of success.

Every warrior of my kind is taught to love translating the hidden wisdom that is in the nature to shape our own nature, for if we see how wonderful it is we’ll be able to see ourselves the same way too. 

For instance in this photo, it says. Rise like the Sun, live the day hunting and roaring like dominant lion. And when the night comes, rest humbly like the shadow, and the light will be always with you, and if you dont see it, is because it’s in your spirit. 
The entire portrait says, cherish your life and survive for it. Do great things because it is your destiny to be great.

Happy 4th

Write the bad things that are done to you in the sand so the wind will come and sweep it away, But write the good things that happen to you in your heart, for in your heart good turns in to joy and happiness that last’s for a lifetime.

Do have a happy and a wonderful 4th of July everyone. do something good that you will remember beyond today and tomorrow: Be safe and full of smiles 😉