Self forgiveness

It is wise to forgive yourself, so much good that has yet to happen to you depends on it. So recognize the cost of unforgiveness. 

Choosing not to forgive yourself will cost your identity and your capacity to give and receive love. Unforgiveness will weigh you down.
Let me explain this with a word picture. Imagine that each one of us is walking through life with a backpack full of metaphorical rocks and bricks of past traumas, past choices and current challenges. Some of the rocks and bricks were put there by others, some were put there by the systems and cultures we were raised in, and some were put there by us. Unforgiveness is like a collection of bricks we’re lugging around all day, every day. Did you yell at your kid after a stressful day at work? That’s a brick. Are you burning with shame because a friend found out you gossiped about her? Another brick.

Pretty soon, you’re scratching and clawing just to get through the day with all of this extra weight on your shoulders. You can choose to keep carrying the bricks. But as you take one weary step after another, you’ll sink lower and lower into a black pit of bitterness. And bitterness is a poison that limits your capacity to give and receive love. It’s nonsense to wallow in bitterness—you’re only hurting yourself.
To sum this all up: Self-forgiveness is the process of removing the bricks you’ve put in your own “backpack,” examining them, learning from them, and then laying them down. And choosing not to forgive yourself comes at a high cost.

Forgive yourself, your future-self needs you to be of kind and pure mind.

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