Kiprunning Sports Massage.

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Founded by
Kiplimo chemirmir
Kiprunning Sports Massage
Company Overview
2005/2006 Qatar running team junior masseur.
2006 Adidas running team athlete and masseur.
Worked with Olympic and World Champions like. Mubarak shami, Jane ekimat, Mathew birir, Jonah birir, Mike kigen, Micah kogo, Caroline rotich, Boaz lalang, Haron keitany, Haron lagat, Ishmael kombich, Richard limo, Benjamin limo, James yatich, Alphonse yatich, Laban moiben, Paul tergat, Paul kipsambu, Irine rotich, Joseph cheruiyot, Robert cheruiyot, Ismail rasheed, Geoffrey mutai, Nicholas kemboi, Albert chepkurui, Dominic kurui, Eliud kipchoge, Saif shaheen, Rita jeptoo, Enock mitei, Reuben kosgei, Salina kosgei. William chirchir, Cornelius chirchir, Jassim kareema…etc

Kiprunning Sports Massage is a rare type of massage invented by Kiplimo Chemirmir to serve Kenyan elite runners, its a unique combination of flexibility and endurance exercises and massage; This therapy is aimed to reduce the amount of muscle contractions and thereby allowing them to relax not just for days but for months.This kind of massage is one of the treasured secret of Kenyan athlete success in running.By gliding gently deeper into the layers of all muscles and connective tissue, As an elite runner I found out an athlete finds enhancement function, stamina, aid in the healing process, and promote relaxation and well-being in and off training.This goal is achieved through deep gentle massage and stretching most important running muscles by reducing the amount pain at its threshold from strain, twisted ankle and also the amount of waste products such as lactic and carbonic acid, generated by strenuous physical activity.Massage is the most transformational and among the oldest of the healing arts. References to massage and its values go back to the beginnings of recorded history. Among the most widely recognized benefits of massage are: As usual after a deep massage soreness may follow but when the soreness is long gone, you will experience a confident beast in you. It doesn’t just give you hope of improving but taste of improvement.

Mentally and physically soothing.Improved sleep. Increased energy and confidence. Greater flexibilityReduces waste products allowing the body to recover faster from physical excerption

Prevents injury by helping muscles relax and improves blood circulation

-Who may benefit from Couple of Massage

Elite Athletes, Middle Athletes and weekend warriors and Anybody who performs strenuous physical activities.

Strengthening the guts of mind and the body is our pride.
A little something and thanks means victory is all we have got.

Address – 11901 Swearingen Dr. Austin, TX 78758


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