Always go to the source to find your answer

If you seek to manage your stress, you must go backwards to the source of it and you’ll find the imbalance and it’ll be easier for you to create balance in your life, but if you keep going forward then you’ll only meet chaos, and struggle is all you’ll always see and feel like your life is made of.

When the branches of the tree starts to dry up, the problem is not on the branch but in the roots.

The dark place you see in your minds-eye is actually a reflection of the imbalance that is in your innate-self.

So work on how you rest, sleep, what you eat and drink, who you talk to and keepnin your circle and life, what kind of music or people advices you subscribe to.

It is your environment that cultivates or cages your energy.

If I could help you to begin untangling yourselfnfrom these knots of not knowing what to do, I’ll say to you to do, think, feel, remember, create, surround and dream of things, and people who excites you.
To warriors, excitement is the most powerful energy.

Always remember that you’re loved.
Root this in your heart.

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