Stop managing time. Start managing your focus.

Focus is the ultimate weapon in the war on time.

While time is trying to get in your face, waving its arms and setting off alarms to remind you how late you are, focus takes you to that place where you have no idea how much time has passed, and you don’t care.

Time reminds you how much you didn’t get done. Focus locks you in, until you finish.

Time creates distractions. Focus blocks them out.

Time tells you to hurry. Focus tells time to STFU.

When you’re managing time, all you can see is how long it will take. When you’re managing focus, you don’t care.

Time is about others. Focus is all about you.
Focus on your growth, focus on your energy, focus on your well-being, focus on your path, focus on your love and passions. Focus.

Life is Good-KC 🦁

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