Remember this

Remember how far you’ve come.
Remember to be a warrior.
Remember not to be static.
Remember to be better each day.

Remember to be forgiving.
Remember to be kind.
Remember to learn.
Remember to travel.

Remember to be patient so you can understand and to take time to respond.
Remember to grow in love and not fall in it.
Remember to communicate rather than fight.
Remember to travel.
Remember to live a wise and poetic life.

Remember to always being in pursuit of finding out what you are truly capable of.
Remember to cherish what and who you have.

Remember not to take anything or anyone for granted.
Remember to be calm and brimming with joy.

Remember to be full of love that cannot be contained, as if when shared you get to breathe and feel more alive.

Remember to live your life and also help others live to the fullest. Don’t be selfish, the creator is watching.

Remember, Self peace is a key part of every accomplishment and success, but you don’t have that until you have the right people around you. People who truly care for you and your beliefs and don’t just see you as a opportunity to exploit.

So, never forget that you’re not alone. Root this in your heart.

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