Be brave

“A short pencil is wiser than a long memory”

If you have great self-worth, you won’t have to worry about having a job because people are spontaneously drawn to this quality and want to employ or work for those who have it.

People who complain that the world is unfair or unjust because others are being given so much while they’re getting so little are creating that situation themselves, and only they can change it.

The world is fair; you receive what you give.

If you’re not receiving in abundance, it’s because you’re avoiding the things that those who receive so much are doing.

Remember it is wise to be realistic with your goals, rather than trying to achieve something unattainable.

And don’t expect a quick fix.

Rather set yourself smaller, more achievable goals, and then, when you meet them, you’ll feel more inspired to continue to expand them further.

Be wise enough to know where you belong.
Be passionate enough about what you do.
Be thoughtful enough to invest more in what makes you better.
Be brave enough to always be willing to make a change or go further than you can see.
Be cool enough that no feeling can ever burn your stillness.
Be more than enough than it is necessary.
Above all, be a gift, to those you love, to this life and those who needs you, let nothing ever change you from being so much more that a gift is meant to be.

Remember, a clear, undistracted mind that is focused on purpose has power.

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