Heaven is here

To me, Heaven is not separate from Earth. And love is not something to struggle with, but simply a joyous deed or words to infuse one another with.

There is no rift between our inner peace and the mind. Neither there isn’t no division between the body and the spirit,  nor between the visible world of form and the invisible world of energy. All that distracts us is our strong grasp that we cling on to our past and what we constantly think we’re going through.

So, run not unto your past if far is where you seek to go. The mountain stands each day, the tree grows each day, the clouds move each day, the birds fly each day, the sun never abandons it’s path.

They do that over and over to remind of something wonderful, that we should stand strong, grow taller in spirit, move to create something beautiful, to go far like the birds and discover new things and places. The voice of our destiny is whispered by them. Look deeper to everything that has stand through time, grows through season and moves with grace.


One thought on “Heaven is here

  1. Kip,
    Check out the book ” Present Access To Heaven. You might enjoy it. With Brotherly Love, Mike Pettobone
    On Wed, Jun 14, 2017, 9:21 AM The chronicles of a last Orkoiyot monk warrior of the Kalenj

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