Lessons from my childhood

When I was young before I began to be taught about nature of larger animals which every warrior must pass through. First lesson I clearly remember is the fragile one. The worm that goes on to become a butterfly.

The worm and the butterfly symbolizes Change, but often in a form of transforming yourself into a new person, which also can be called A second chance and new lease to life. The lesson began by being asked to place your right hand on the position of your heart. From the moment a young he is taught to be aware and understand death, the heartbeat symbolizes Clock and one day it will run out, and as long your heart is still beating you must never wear emotion or live in such a way as if your heart is not beating, always remember you’re alive, so live.

The worm and the butterfly.

A time will come when you will lose so much, many emotions will arise wanting you to embrace them, you shouldn’t nor become them, the clock of life in you is running and you should move on with it. When you say or decide to take on a path of a second chance, like a butterfly you must become entirely different from who you were, everyone who knew must meet a new person when they meet you. Your energy, your looks, your way of speaking and way of life must never be the same like of the worm life you’re coming from.

Like a butterfly, travel far this time, go up the mountains, be beautiful and everything swift and graceful. Do not bring your past unto this new life. When signing the new lease on life happens, the old self must die. The sad stories, your enemies, the pain and losses too must never be part of your stories anymore.

It is like you have forgiven them and forgotten them and moved far from them. The worm can never fly unless it is lifted up by the bird. The butterfly never crawls like the worm when its wings are still vibrant and spirited, it uses the new chance to fly away and live to the fullest.

Beginning anew means freedom.

Don’t say you’re living a new life yet living the past is all you do, feel, remember, speak of, cry about. Today is not to be lived dying.


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