Life tests everything to strengthen them

Many are going to plan anew or seek new lease at life, set new goals and heights of things they seek to achive. But a few will see where they’re truly going for they’re deeply gazing at where they come from. Because of fear change seems as an uphill battle, tending to coil in our comfort becomes our high fenced home. but when we spend all our passion, breaths, thoughts and energies to evolving, we become more than we dream of. 
We become great. What we need to become should not be filed by emotions but spirit to live strong and health life is what we dream of. When on your doings struggles will be there also. Do not hate them nor be broken by them for without them you will be very weak. 
Life tests everything. Life tests nature and you’re part of middle of it. If you look at nature and the animal kingdom your learn that life does what it does so everything can evolve. Change only makes us escape a moment, use it to align your path to a new one, but remember evolving makes us wiser for a very long time because it cripples the past.


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