Inner wolf running

As I waited in vain for my Garmin watch to find signal, I looked up while lifting my watch in desperation to find a signal in the skies but all I could see is pregnant clouds threatening to burst open. I could strongly sense my mind having second thoughts, but hope deceives for the choice was already made by it that it won’t rain sooner so rain or shine I must go for this run.  
40minutes later I was deep in the woods splashing and slicing through the forest following a narrow path with rain sending it’s best tears, as I continued to run the rugged trail begun to fade away, and to my surprise I was terribly lost on a broken path and could not find my way back for I had already gone blindly too far. 

The sound of violent thunder and pouring rain brought conflict to my judgement, with a blind courage I made my own lolloping path but further I followed it the more I got lost like a wounded dog on the side of the highway on a rainy day. 

I ended up falling down in the shoulders of a raging river up above the cliff, it is then it hit me my Garmin failure to give me a signal swiftly as usual was actually a signal to go back indoors for I would end up lost for 6hrs.. I awakened my inner Wolf and like a stream it crawled in the mud and rocks  beneath branches as its spirit  led me to the main road where I ran back home like a river to the sea.

 I got back home wonderfully drenched and muddy. I took a shower like moth wants to be part of the flame, as I turned off the shower there was a great silence even in my heart… Something was not right. I looked on the window and the sun was shining like it does in the desert, there was no even a brush of frail cloud in the sky and my Garmin was asking are you ready to move.. all I could say to myself is shout “SERIOUSLY ARE YOU KIDDING ME”.. hehe 


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