Through loss, we gain a new life.

​Just because I have wandered into this life it doesn’t mean I have forgotten where I come from nor who I am. My destiny has not abandoned me and I am not intending to abandon it. This life will be rough and wonderful sometimes . My path will be treacherous but I will not face it with a soft heart. I may get hurt along the way, but pain is just the teacher I need to have wisdom on this journey. my life has never been easy, I’ve lived in the shadows and in the light. I’ve lived as a shadow and also light. I’ve never been given anything but have many things been taken from me. Despite all my loses my spirit I’ve been one with it so I can live with joy and peace. The life I lead begun with nothing, whatever I lose or get robbed from me will leave me as I begun. the only difference is the beginning is the start of a new life. Time may have changed, but starting it is all the same. I know where I’m going but I do not where I may end up for life has a way of making us go beyond what we set for. and I’m beyond what I embarked for. 


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