Life demands we be strong . 

​Sometimes it is hard to fathom the things that life takes us through, but for me I’m in love with whatever fate choses that I must experience, for its the way of a warrior and he has no choice but to embrace it, for he knows good or bad both forces shapes his life. Sometimes its painful and heartbreaking, but it has never abandoned me hanging in the edge, it has always unfold to a new beginning and a chance to start life anew. 

If you look at life with the humble eyes of a wiseman you will always find yourself smiling rather than crying when things go wrong, because when a wiseman road leads him to a life of challenges and obstacles, he becomes a warrior, and with a heart of a warrior he cannot be broken by setbacks no matter how determined their forces are. He navigates through them and braves the toughest that others see and find it hard to bear. 

Just imagine a life of no fear or complaining, crying, hating, then go out with full of life, gratitude, understanding, untamed valor, optimism – and live it. For me this is my destiny and I love it beyond the jaws of defeat and failure. I hurt because it is what I think of. I am strong because it is what my l8fe demands and depends on.


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