Do your best if the future or world depends on you 

​I believe the purpose of life is a life full of purpose. Since I was young, I was bred to demand from self and ask of life to shine meaning in everyone who is searching. Life is simple it’s just not easy, would you not agree? A life without cause is a life without effect. Patience is the companion of wisdom. Patience is also a form of action, beware the fury of a patient person. I try as much as I can to surround myself with those who have a winning spirit, who even without saying to me, my soul hears them saying Give me your best shot with your work Kip, I’m going to win or become better. Whether it is a celebrity, a pro athlete, a weekend warrior, or a person who want to heal or stay or achieve their best, I give them all the same with the time I have because I do what I do for them to be nothing less than their best. I try to remind them often as I can to learn to smile at every situation, see it as an opportunity to prove your strength and ability, to always dig deeper and always show spirit more than emotions, for spirit will compel you to show your strength and your best, and emotions will trick you to show your weakness, pain and excuses. The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude. Staying positive is one of the hardest fights even to a warrior like me, but luckily we’re taught to look inward to speak with our inner-self to bring out the spirit that will fight till what we are facing begs for peace. With state of mind like these we become quick to say you’re not going to make me have a bad day, if there’s oxygen on earth and I’m breathing, it’s going to be a good day. You and I have lived this part many times and in different forms before. Be wise to remember that,so you don’t succumb to it. Life is Good.


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