Dear Kenyans, do not vote for someone who has been in the parliament for over a decade. Vote someone new.


Africa as a continent is very rich, but people are very poor. Lack of education I believe is the cause. Although we have improved the last 20years, still we need to focus on good education than we do in religion and politics, greed and traditional cultures that still holds us back from inventing the core ideas and dreams that we are gifted with.

The land provides and we must stop depending on other countries to give us what we can already create and grow. It is not right to import things like toothpicks, sugar, corn, tomatoes and much of food we depend on our daily lives. We were born farmers and gatherers not beggars.

I have come to learn that poor people tend to vote for people who ruin their lives. Vote someone for one term and if he or she doesn’t better the lives, roads, education don’t vote for them next term.

Growing up I lived hearing people who like to say love is blind. Why would we love someone we do not see. Why would you love someone who has secrets? I have loved a few in this life and my love for them it was for who they are inside but when they changed my love for them was like a plant that begun to grow just before summers started and the sun kept getting vicious and then plant died. For some people they tend to endure this part by pretending but as a warrior I was taught to be honest when it comes to the matter of the soul.

Love sees and it is not blind. It does not like to be hurt or be taken advantage of. Love is energy and it can become a very dark energy by experiencing one event.
It is time you quit falling in love with hopes and promises you’re enchanted with. Not everything your parents and people and preachers taught you is true. Often people are taught to be blind and that’s how we get stuck in and near miserable life. Year’s will go by you waiting in vain because of the hopes and promises you’re given. Be patient but give it limit because life needs us to be better.

Just because someone prays with you, just because someone wears a suit, tells you they’re religious so you can vote for them it doesn’t mean they’ll be there for you, they only need you to better their lives from harvesting what you make. Call yourself a sheep and you’ll be hunted by wolves and hyenas because they know sheep’s are fools and have nowhere to run to and if they don’t… remember, sheep are kept in pens like slaves, they’ll be used for meat and their skin so the rich can be warm have food with their families.

Elections are coming in Kenya soon but look at the life of where you come from and prices of things, look at the roads and amount of kids who went to college, has it increased or is it still the same, has things changed for better? Do you still need Harambee and other types of fund raising to meet up to something like school feels, weddings and burial or hospital bills? Folks like I said before we are like this because we were programmed through years of Harambee to be beggars.

We have acres of heaven of a land in our side but we treat it like graveyards. And only a few get to live through it because they work hard and depend on no one. If you’re going to have hope then hope for the rain. If you’re going to make an promise then promise your children that you will work hard so they can have better education and maybe even become better than you. But never let a politician who’s been there for years to come preach to you about who you should be hating.

Remember, people need accessible roads, affordable housings, bridges, and teachers, doctors, nurses and policemen and women to be paid better. Teach people to invest on things that doesn’t pollute or hurt wildlife. Invest in supporting talents to all, whether they’re disabled, albino, old, poor or young. Invest in education, not forgetting to criminalize witchcraft, early child marriage and female circumcision. We live in a time that these evil things should not be happening around us.

And most of all Don’t listen to people who make you hate others or close your doors from being compassionate. If you’re going to exercise your religion then exercise compassion, not dividing one another because they came from somewhere else or don’t speak the same language as you. People come from far to awake us, and when they choose to be our neighbors we must embrace them as our family and we will have what they don’t and they will have what we don’t, and when we exchange our gifts our lives become better. It is the African way and true human way to be there for one another.

Let nothing rift you from being compassionate for when we lose this spirit we become worse than animals.
And oh plant trees and earth and what it destined it for will thank you 🙂


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