I am = Good = Great = Strong = Happy = Joyful = Peace

No one sees the world better than the soul.
No one knows how to live life better than the heart.
No one knows how to make a way like the spirit.
No one knows how to destroy life easily like the ego.

Before you say this is what I feel, or what I think. Remember that which we call I am is greater than self, I am has no weakness nor envy, it only gives without desire of being given, for I am is the giver not a taker.

One warrior to another I want you to know it is not wise to belittle our spirit by saying I am angry, I hate this. I am is part of the heavens, it is the light in every night and day, it never hides for it is meant to shine. Learn to say I am joyful, I am strong, I am happy, I am good. To those who are religious this saying ”I am” appears in your scriptures where He whom you call God the Creator calls Himself I am. Even when we are introducing ourselves to a new person the first names we call ourselves are not the ones our parents gave us but the one who we truly are, for me I am Kiplimo Chemirmir and I am many things and know many things, much of them are ahead of me which I will become one with it as I am one with the warrior within.

I am is a gift we are born with, it is our birthright and highest thing that we must never fail nor forget to honor, don’t waste it nor add weakness to it, for its what makes us brave and live this life to the fullest. I am thankful of all I have come to known, meet and achieve. Give no energy or voice to what brings no joy or peace to who you truly are.

Remember, the fish that swam back up the river is never missed by the sea, and the light is never bothered by the stubbornness of the shadows around it. Be like the sea and more like the light. Be full of light and with a big heart that knows it has so much that it has lost or will ever lose, so each day you can swiftly remember and say I am at peace.


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