Use body like a champion 

To embark unto a great quest, you must first prepare yourself mentally by  getting rid of fear, then get rid of doubts, get rid of stress too and much of your feelings till all you remain with is your spirit. 

Only then you will be ready to endure, be flexible and strong and good on what you do. There’s no secret to winning, only mental and physical preparation and willingness to take that which is painful and hard and make it yoir normal path that leads to your dreams. 

Learn to focus on your breathing and changing it when going uphill, or on flats or downhill and when you’re going fast. Let go yoir worries and frustrations. Let the body understand that stress will always be part of it but it must never become stress, this is where getting deep and soft massages and other kind of therapy and stretching is important.

If you can combine your spirit, consciousness, body and mind you’ll become one in harmony to serve the purpose you will make it to that dream that has protected itself with hard shells that’s difficult to crack. Your body sometimes will tell you you’re not ready but your mind is ready, you must go back to aligning them together for when they act apart injuries occurs which may last like a curse.

Know the importance of your results. Spend lots of time alone visualizing and meditating on the possible and what’s beyond it.  Think about your training, about your life, what’s missing in it, think about hardship and how desperately you want to cast it away and make it a distant thing of the past.

Think about your racing and how well you need and must do. Think about importance of your form and grace deep within from breathing and way out to your strides. Feel where your power comes from both every fiber of your body and  deep from your spirit, put it all of them together and sharpen it like a warrior prepares his sword for a battle, trust it like a warrior believes in his sword, use it like a warrior valiantly uses his sword.

Each day you’ll get to live in this world like everybody else, but in this world you must live in a different state of mind than everybody else, for if success is what you seek then being positive us what you must always be. Each day that you get to meet the light of day, run till the road gets old and afraid of the spirit in your feet and you’ll be swift as a breeze and strong like the currents of a raging river.
-Kiplimo Chemirmir


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