From my meditation 

Abandon expectations and begin to embrace each moment. Live a noble life. Speak with kindness and not force. Show compassion and not hate. Ask first from the heart you need to deeply know of, not from other people for they’ll tell you their thoughts which will write a wrong story of what you want to know. 

Be honest and accept it when it is given to you, not hide from it because you want to believe a lie. Listen with your soul, not your ego. Do not damage where smiles are carved, but paint their soul with joy. Our true measure are in the impressions we leave behind.
If I’ve hurt you, I beg for your forgiveness. If you’re my friend, I humbly ask for your trust for I have it for you. If I’m your enemy, I deeply ask we have peace. If you do not understand me, try, for I do not judge or bothered by those who do not, I see you as my teacher for you are part of life which is my greatest teacher. I was born with these words but sadly I never knew how to piece them together till today. i hope it softens your heart, for it has for mine.


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