The ghosts past are knocking at our souls gates

​Sometimes when I remember too much, I know it is not far till much the ghosts past breaks down the gates of my soul to stir up sadness of the things past and people I’ve lost, and things and people I don’t understand why they end up the way they are or do the things they do. I know to avoid heading deep down that dark alley, I must swiftly drag myself from where I am to go for a long walk beneath the watching of the sky to be reminded by nature that everything moves and grows. 

For since I was young only nature has taught me more than what people could, nature often reminds me to don’t get stuck like a rock for you’ll be used to build someone else’s dream.
 When emotions becomes a strong wind that sweeps you into a forest like a gentle butterfly, and you end up feeling lost. Remind yourself you’ve been away from your soul for so long, and this crowded feeling and life you live is not your home. Home is where you’re spirited and full of life.


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