Live a spirited life 

​The spirit we have is for proving to life that we are unbreakable and unstoppable. Don’t let your feelings tame you for you’ll become weak, and pain of every form will become your constant companion. 

My late great grandfather used to tell me, my great grandson; if you want to build a house, you will need strength and not emotion.  Strength comes from spirit which is our higher-self, and emotion comes from our lower-self. It is not bad to have emotion but don’t live in it. 
Live in your spirit for it is has been your home since beginning of time. Love with your spirit because it holds the purest of love than emotion has. Work with your spirit and you’ll always enjoy what you do and will never get tired of it. 
Spirit will often lead you to the future and sometimes even see it before it happens, but emotion and the past are connected, it will make you remember more than you can handle, and feel more than you can withstand. 
If you want to believe in a creator, believe deeply on your spirit and you’ll always be strong.  Live a spirited life and you’ll brave the dark times and become so much than you dream of, but often use your spirit to live in peace for as long you’ll exist in this heaven. Be the gift and light you want to see in your world. 


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