It is time we end the killing of one another if we want a better and peaceful future

​My father was a policeman in Kenya long time ago. We talk about life and the stuff going on here in US, of how some cops are very intense. And he said Being a police officer you have to be brave not fearful.  You have to remember that uniform makes you very powerful, but it is your responsibility to make people not fear you by how you approach, speak and treat them. 

For when you’re afraid and you have a gun, your fear will use it and you will hurt more than one person but everyone who ever knew him or her and also the rob the world a soul that was light to them or someone. 

He has never opened to me why he quit his job as a policeman till today. He said one day I was in a night patrol shift and happen to come across a guy who was running like he has stolen something at that hour of the night. It is not custom to see runners at time of the night running and he didn’t look like a runner.  So he knew something was going on, from a distance deep in the neck of the darkness of the night someone was shouting “MWIZI MWIZI” which means thief thief.  (He had a chicken that he just stole). 

My father had two choices, point his gun and tell him to stop and if he didn’t he’ll have to judge the book by its cover and shoot him down, or find another way. So he pointed his gun at the guy and told him to stop but the guy kept on running and since it was dark fear in my father’s heart caused the guy to appear to be very big. But conscience side of my father stilled him and said it’s not worthy of taking another person life. So he pointed his gun up unto the sky and fired. The guy fell down and surrendered. 

My father asked him why did he steal the chicken he said his child was sick and he didn’t have a job. So my dad gave him the little money he had and together they chased the chicken together and caught it and gave it back to the owner who was already there puffing hard from all the chasing, but the owner  decided to just give the guy the chicken to sell it to help his family. 

My father said when the guy fell on the ground it opened his eyes. That we are not in this life to kill or hurt one another. We are here to do our job and make the world a better place by giving compassion a chance to show us what life can be if we helped each other. He was barely my age now and he said to him to live with shame of not having a job was better than to live his entire life caged by guilt and ghosts of lives he took. 

We shouldn’t allow ourselves to end life of someone because of the fear we have. We have it because we manifested with time and cultivated  it with hate.
That day he quit his job, because of the fear he felt in his heart  almost used a weapon to end a life that someone else depends on. That day because of just a chicken someone would have lost his life. 

That day forever changed the course of the rest of his destiny. That day my dad would have stopped being my dad. From this we learn don’t do a job that makes you a murderer. Don’t do a job that you claim people in it threaten your life. He’s grateful I didn’t join the force like all men from his side of family. I am too. 

I cried and told him I’m sorry for the time he was not in my life. Now I understand and love him more for that.  Best thing he said was “We are all human and we must value that like our life depends on it, we have to always remember when we wear our masks and uniforms sometimes it turns us into a very dangerous animals that kills great warriors who are the soul of a village that they are meant to go back to when the sun sets” 
There’s always a way to catch what you seek without killing them. Don’t just sit and look away, for ignoring makes it a heritage.


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