Running demands our best, give it your spirit


In running, it isn’t about how talented you are, or what country you’re from, nor the size of your body, or how thin or long your calves or legs are, it is about the passion. Enjoy running each day or whatever day or time you can. All you have to do is be consistent, work on your form, have shoes that helps you, get massages for recovery and work on your core and flexibility to give you longevity.

All I know from my experience is that the human body can withstand physical abuse that any training could offer, for beneath the pain in our bodies we have the human spirit. With dedication and purpose, theres no telling where you won’t be able to go, no matter how many hills stand on your way, nor how long the distance before you is.

Don’t worry about your weight or pace either, just be discipline with your diet and deeply focus on your training and the rest will eventually take shape and align with your quest and vision. Remember, theres no shortcuts, but patience and hard-work, which take months. But narrow it not into a day or a week but after every 21days to see for improvements, and in 9months, you will become better than your older self, but this is a feeling that you must really really work on and try very hard to have and see each day, especially when looking at the mirror or wearing your cloths. its called confidence, without it we end up hating and beating down ourselves. Self-esteem is very important to every runner, for negativity surrounds those who sweat for something. Self esteem is a shield that protects the warrior, without it you’ll be easily broken.

Running is a demanding sport, so don’t be soft when going after it for the going will get rough and you must get tough. Make sure you are always ready to give more than you expect, and never be hard on yourself when the results does not please you.

Some days run with a watch, and some days run without it, just go out there and feel everything that moves you. 

See your training as one of the pillars that strengthen your lifestyle, so you can be able to naturally go out and run, lift, stretch, swim or bike without worrying about what time it is or what the weather is like, or how tired you’re feeling after completing other work from other aspects of your life.

Theres always a room for training, theres always a room for improvement and we have been given abundance of breath for it, just dig deep and fulfill your day.
It is wise to know you will get hurt somedays, and somedays it will not be your day, but no matter what day it is you will always find the will to endure and heal, even if it takes long, for in life nothing is meant to last, so be very careful with the memories you open their pages when you’re feeling a little down and unmotivated, it is not wise to do that to yourself.
You’re better than that. Trust me, there is a warrior within us all, connect with him or her and You will always find yourself enjoying it even when it hurts. But never forget, tomorrow is another day, not for revenge but to continue and a chance to better yourself and what you train for. In the end of the day, let what you do leave you fit and spirited, never go to bed with disappointment, for it changes you to someone you’re not.


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