To think with the mind of another soul

​A lifetime ago I gave love a chance. 

I  saw things that I didn’t like but I thought with time and love they would change.  

I was young.   

I was Naive 

I was confused. 
Life has a way of teaching us lessons. 

I used to cry most days . 

I thought this was normal until I saw happy couples.  
Happiness seemed so far out of my reach.  

Something only lucky people had. 
Then I woke up one day and decided enough was enough.

I  decided 
I am worthy of happiness. 

I am kind 

I am caring 

I am a good person.  
After years of being torn down 

I was strong enough to realize 

You cannot change others 

You can only change you.  

I am continually changing my life for the better.  
I refuse to let that happen again. 
My mission is to helps others that feel lost and stuck that you have the power and Sprit in you to change. 
You cannot change others 
So let go of that and start with you


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