She’s a goddess, let her rule

Let me tell you something that men have no courage to say to a lionista, but only warriors do, and it beautifully goes like this: Never underestimate the will of a woman whose determined to become successful.  
If you can’t support her, don’t stand on her way.

There comes a day a man kneels down and ask a woman for her hand, but soon as he rises, he pulls the woman’s down and steps on her for the rest of her life, but a warrior never kneels but lifts the woman up for she’s full of light and the higher the woman is lifted, the brighter life will be.


Let her be what she dreams. 

Let her go wherever she wants.

She’s not just the river, but the strong currents that pushes the river. 

She’s a lioness, let her roar.

She’s on fire, let her go wild.

She’s the spirit in the wind, let her run free.

She’s the brightest light in the sky, let her shine.

She’s beautiful, let her be.

To all women of the world.

Whatever your dreams are, let no man or anyone put leash on you. Limit is a man made thing. Hope is for beggars. Spirit is for warriors like you.
You’re a roar that can never be silenced. 

You’re the fire that can never be put down. 

You’re the wind that can never trapped.

You’re a river that can never be stopped.

Remember, you have a spirit that’s not meant to be easily weakened nor be hurt. 

Your body is your wings to fly. 

Your smile is your light when pain brings the dark. 

You are made of greatness isbin your blood, and so much more is within you. Always be young and beautiful at heart, for that’s what makes you amazing and so much more. Root that in your heart. 

A warrior praises you, for you are Goddess.


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