World within worlds, dream within dreams.


Coming to America was a dream come true for me, but there’s something hidden beyond our sight that is happening to us each day and in every moment and that is we are in a world within a world within more other worlds.

Our dreams are made of the same thread of being in a dream within another dream. We are also time traveling without knowing of it and sadly because of our lack of knowledge of it we keep going to the wrong direction and unto wrong years often the terrible ones.

Being in America made me realized I’m in a dream that I must go to many other dreams, for the dream we have is just a room that will soon get  small and old.


This is the happy face I’ve been catching myself lately wearing it, i saw it in the mirror the other day at the middle of the night. It made me wonder why it is there at that hour, so I looked within and realised that beneath it lies the a vision of a journey ahead that it is going to be great, but a voice that was lurking behind my mind said there will be pain to begin with.

All I know now is that what’s left is to bravely embark unto it but first I must convince the mind to embrace what the heart believes that we could become.

The future has been making me smile a lot for a reason. I have rise to find that reason before it fades away into another dreamer, unto another warrior, unto another person who needs it the most. Because dreams don’t come to us, they pass through us.


In my vision that I’ve destined myself for it is great, but what it has destined for me it is beyond what I could ever dream or envision. 

I asked the spirit why are we not going, the spirit said because you’re afraid, and thinking too much of a battle that may not be there. Think of the journey and not the battle.

Also one of the profound thing I’ve learned is our soul hides when our mind is too loud. That’s why we get tangled up in knots not knowing what to do because we are not our true selves. 🙂


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