All the best in Rio Team Kenya 

To my Kenyan folks who are training very hard like their life depends on it and getting ready for the Olympics. 

My message to you is train and compete with honor and have no self doubt.  Especially the 10.000meters team.

There’s an ancient warrior saying that goes like this: When we face an enemy and we fixate on the enemy instead of on our training, the mind gets captured by the enemy even before the combat begins.
In everyday life, if we fixate on our problems or on the behavior and preparation of others, our mind gets captured by these things and we are no longer free to act autonomously.
For the spirited and calm-trained warrior, the thought of defeat is almost irrelevant. Victory or defeat are two sides of the same coin. Colleagues and foes are considered equal. Maintaining your composed attitude is the most important outcome. Fist-pumping your victory or disrespecting the enemy in his defeat are to be avoided. Hug those you’ve defeated to ease them the pain of losing. Be kind and respect your teammates even if they’re slower than you or from different direction or from another land. Cheer and Push each other to become better so our country can have its beauty. Flowers and worms cannot exist well in the same garden. Be flowers. 
I wish you all the best. May your bodies stay healthy and strong to withstand the training, the many heats and triumph in the finals. May your dreams come true, but above all else. Run clean. It is the warriors way. Greatness is in your blood, Let the world see that.
Be fearless on the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.


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