Enjoy life 

​My life is pretty simple, I help others become better, and they leave me with a blessing of becoming better than the minutes before. All I can say is I’m an energy gatherer. I don’t have to live in fear about where my soul will go when my time comes, for we all know about the afterlife is unknown, all that we know of it came from dreams and thoughts of our ancestors then passed down to us.

Fear it’s just a dark thought hiding in the back of our mind, trying to convince us about things that don’t exist. We are here to live and love, not to repent and live in fear of a life we do not know of.

Just like my heart purpose to keep me among the living, I honor it by living beyond the measures of my ability.  My soul belongs to things I do and people in my life, I already live in heaven, I dream of nothing else, but only seeing and feeling how wonderful life is, this is what I cherish the most. 

From one warrior to another, it is not wise to wish for a beautiful woman when you already have one living with. If it is beauty you want, learn to see it from what you have been blessed with. If it is joy you want, learn to find it within you, rather than living sadly wishing and waiting for a day to bring you.
Enjoy what you’ve been given.

Enjoy what you’ve earned.

Enjoy what you have.

Enjoy life.


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