Let us awake from our nightmares and live the dream we create

My wise cousin Kibet said. We have to look at ourselves and ask ourselves what are we doing wrong”. For when we do that we will be able to humble ourselves, fix ourselves and respect one another and be peaceful as we wish to be. To defend ourselves without fixing ourselves only leads to more fighting.

All of our problem is internal. Not fixing ourselves the blame will never stop. The fear will never stop, the hatred will never stop, the anger will never stop. and when things don’t stop, people die, people get hurt, people loose more than what they fighting for, people do foolish things in the name of protection and revenge. We fall off the cliff because we didn’t stop.

When you break your leg and go see the doctor, you’re going to see the doctor to help you fix it, the doctor will not fix your neck or hand for they’re not broken, because in all your bones in the body the broken part of it on your leg is what matters, if not fix it’ll hurt, and if it heals it will not be equal to the other leg, it’ll always be shooter and seem crooked by others. In all that is going on around the world is a man made problem, all laws were written by hands of men, by ideas of men, it shouldn’t be difficult to change it so what is broken or seems crooked can be fixed and healed.
It is also a selfish thing to bring a child into a world you hate and fear so many, for to raise a child you’ll be passing and molding your fears and hate into their minds. Before there was a tree, there was a seed, love begins with you then it grows out to be there and adored by others.
Lets give new meaning to Sacrifice, lets not carry it as a symbol of ending ones life, but giving them a chance to live a life they were rightful born to, the same life that you and I are striving to make better. But first it begins by looking internal, not to others, but to ourselves and ask ourselves ”What I’m I doing wrong”…… if we fail to then judging others and discriminating them will seem as part of our culture which sadly will passed down unto our children and their children children’s. Then again to remind you, all cultures, all traditions are man made, we shouldn’t use them to divide ourselves or fear one another.

We can change. We can stop this madness. Choose bravery over your fears. Choose love instead of favoring hate. Stay calm whether you’re stopping someone or being stopped. Each one of us wants to be safe and return home in the break of day to be with our loved ones, not to spend in protests or putting each other down. If there’s truly a God somewhere out there watching, I know he’s wishing or whispering to us to Love, Respect and speak of and do good things to one another!!!


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