We must not succumb to the name calling.


This is for those who get broken and offended easily by name calling and profanity of others.
My great grandfather once told me, in life you will meet people who will call you many names. Some will call you a pig,  a vulture,  a hyena, a donkey, a hippo, a dog, let it be no different like when you call yourself a lion. What matters is you knowing your name and honor it, the name of your grandfather’s before me, a name that you will pass down to your children and grandchildren like I have to you like it was done to me under the stars of the glorious night skies. The name Chemirmir means The Shimmering Arrow. 
So live like a shining arrow and go far in life wherever your destiny sends you. Like the winds that the arrow pierces through its soul. Let no name that you may get called break your spirit down. Learn more than you listen. See beauty more than you dream of. Speak kindly even to those who don’t speak kindly to you.
We were walking in the forest, I was lost in his teachings and I didn’t know where we were going. He paused and took a long breath gazing down to me with smiling eyes that I could see the reflection of my soul in them. It was like he was giving me a gift through his eyes of how i should look at the world. 
He softly asked, look up the tree. See that beautiful monkey?. I have had seen that monkey before many times, I and other kids on my family thought it belonged to the British colonials who lived there before my great grandfather  and they forgot to take it with them when Kenya gained independence. It was a humble and shy monkey which it only got close to my Uncle. 
My great grandfather reached unto tthe belly of his pocket and got out a mango and gave it to me to give it to thr monkey and told me not to be afraid, for if I get afraid I will never gain a friend in the animal kingdom. The monkey came down and took the mango and run back up the tree and it had the best time of its life like I did.
 On our way back we passed by a cow pen and my great grandfather called one cow a foolish sheep. He turned to me and asked me did that cow got offended. I said no. Then he said the cow heard me right?. I said yes! And he said unto me be like that cow, no matter what people call you don’t dwell on it. They may call you what they want but truth is, they’re the ones who harbor evil in them. Don’t hate them or fight with them, just don’t become like them or what they call you, and most of all don’t become friends with them. The world is big so we can avoid those who we don’t want to be close to. Remember a lion never goes to sleep where crocodiles call home. From now on and ever, try to make positive of all things.
“Perhaps, being called a monkey is a compliment. You live care-free and relentless, who ever said that’s a bad thing?”


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