We are home

We must not be swift to turn into the heavens and blame the gods for what’s happening to us, the one to blames is ourselves, for taking lives of animals and of our own race, for cutting trees and hurting one another, for being of greed and using religion to despise one another and create fear, we do not need to curse when things do not go our way, nor fight one other for there’s no victory in it, we’re better than that, for deep within us there’s a part that wants good things to happen, if we all believe in good, then we must rise together and create the heaven we want.

This world is our home, and we’re all natives here, for we breathe the same air, walk with two legs in the same land made of dirt. Let’s protect, let’s care, let’s cherish and above all let’s love, for without it we’re nothing, and sad events will be the rain that we cannot hide from.

This is our home, let’s treat like the home we all have. Adopt a child, adopt a pet, have many friends, let’s love to be with the brings that have souls, plant tree and things that gives us life, and treasure everything else, for it is our responsibility to take care of all.


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