Each day is your day

Just asking.. Why do people Thank God on friday when the week meets the edge. call Sunday the best then hate Monday before it even begins?..hehe
You know all days can be better, calm and wonderful if you set your state f mind to think of it that way.

Quit with the normal way of living, and adapt to warriors way which is extraordinary. A lifestyle of a lion, that you get to rule and roar everyday with your abilities, joy and thoughts. Don’t pretend there’s smoke in your head when there’s no fire in your heart, even when there’s fire in your heart there will never be a smoke in your head, but light to see things clearly.

Love each day, and like a warrior, live it as if it is your last, for when we live this way, we become noble, hardworking , passionate, peaceful, strong, thoughtful, conscious, humble, confident, joyful, honest, free, spirited and very respectful. Design yourself first, then you’ll see and make things in your life beautiful like your heart and soul is.. But when when you let things design you for you, they’ll beat you up, smash you down, drain out, mold you in and forge you into something that has no flow, and bad things will be remembered often than the many good things that have happened to you.


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