Nature whispers to us

Look at the leopard, it has many spots but it is that makes it beautiful.
Look at the zebra, it has many stripes but it is that makes it beautiful.
Look at the wounded lion, the wounds is what makes it more fierce, respected and valiant.
Look at yourself, and see the pain and everything that you didnt wish for that has happened to you as a lesson to be stronger, wiser and determined to be better.

Always be strong, for it is that makes you beautiful, let nothing bring your spirit down.
Perhaps you’re asking yourself why Kip always uses animals in his saying, its because how we are taught so we can find connection to our nature when we understand the nature of animals. To warriors animals are part of us and our teacher of wisdom.

We learn less from people because they change a lot, today they’re weak, and tomorrow they’re worse or strong, but animals don’t change their stripes, dots, marks and nature. When today is gone is gone, but before it goes away it gives them a skill, something that we share the same,fate with.

They always stand true to their courage and themselves, something that we sometimes ignore and betraying the purpose of our spirit. There’s greatness within us all, all we have to do is never to forget it.


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