Everything speaks to us


Suffering is part of all nature, and so is growth. We cannot have one without savoring the other. One is a teacher, and the others our home. In all years and places I have lived, I’ve learn so much through my losses, I was taught to stem out of every hole life puts me when i’m still living and breathing. I have also learned that sometimes you have to slow down to get to where you want to be( All trees do that), because life is moving out too fast and when all you do is move fast because you’ve been told life is too short, you’ll end up competing with it, and you’re the one who will end up losing.

Life is not a competition of who will live longer or die sooner. Some spend their life wanting or expecting an end, a carcass of a futile belief they were passed down to, taught or found and will leave it like many who lived less in the past gripping tightly unto its bones. It is not wise to live beneath the echoes of others, have your own voice and you will live peacefully knowing this is your life, and it is good, and you are good, and the sun will rise tomorrow like it has always done since its dawn.

Look at life with the stages it takes you through, sometimes you have to learn through other people to shape your own path, not by following them but shaping your own path. Understand that you’re destined to lose many things, get hurt by many, betrayed by your closest ones, and have what you cherish taken from you, but the sky above you is and will never be taken from you if you learn to see clearly through things.

The sky serves us a constant reminder that we are here, and we should be here and wherever we need to be, through her invisible hands that can only be felt in the wind it will push us to go on a journey, to discover, to be free and to touch others. Life it isn’t about the storm but the light in it. When all we see is fear and the storm, we become the reflection of the storm, but when all we see is the light, we become of the light, for the mirror reflects.

My fellow friends, when we are no longer motivated by fear, we understand that every moment is perfect in its own way. We no longer dread what we can’t control; we learn to respect the wisdom of Spirit rather than impose our will on situations. This is the path of genuine power. If you embrace the warrior you’re truly are within, you’ll experience your strength and endurance and abundance of other gifts that dwells within you.
”Everything speaks to us”


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