Stop living the past, and start leaving the past


People have a habit of blaming their childhood of how they have become. From my knowledge we are what we are because of the thoughts we root our thickest memories on. We define ourselves by the emptiness we feel that hails from the dawn of our past. We do not want to learn nor become our own mentors, we want our pain to be felt.

We forget that in doing so were hurting others along the way. We’ve allowed ourselves to be hardened by  anger and blame, protected by stubbornness and fear is all we made of ourselves. From it we do not grow but hardened or weighted, which causes us to only see hardships and pain in life.

For many people terrible things happens to us when we were children, things that can define who we’d become whether we want them to or not, some of us become stronger, and some end up on a wretched path filled with anger. For me, I was one of lucky ones to have wise elders to each me honor and lead a warrior life and become one, they’re are responsible to who I have become, a choice that I let stem from their lineage, for their ways had no weakness.

I know I’m one of the few lucky ones, for not everyone in my tribe gets that kind of support from those elders who carried the tradition of our sacred ancestral ways. Without them I don’t know where I would have ended up or what I would have become.



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