Our journey will always be long

Till the day we die, we will always be chasing something. See yourself as capable of achieving great things, instead of drawing lines in your mind and say I don’t think I can go beyond that. When growing up, I was taught a warrior should never play with their belief for it is responsible of shaping our life and who we become. To make me understand better I was given a bow to shoot an arrow, at first  never pulled it with much strength and intention because I did not want to lose the arrow. But on the second arrow, I was told to pull it with every ounce of my being till I feel my spirit pulling the string and the arrow, and when I realized it the arrow flew like nothing I’ve ever seen.. And thats how one is taught to summon whats within if it is to go far they seek. Have a purpose, but remember it is not everything you’re after, you are the everything and must give everything to success to be pleasing. Too many people worry about society’s standards when they are far from meeting their own. Set your bar high, clear it, then set another, and clear that one too. I call it the “meet and repeat”.


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