Wake to live in a place of winning

The arena is not a place where men come to lambaste their self confidence, it is a glorious place where warriors come to honor themselves and show what they are made of. What I’m trying to say is, On a day of your race, you mustn’t allow your doubts and fears overwhelm the spirit that needs to be fed. Honor the countless hours and sacrifices you’ve made to get to the starting line. Let those days you braved what the day had for you mean something. Something you’re about to achieve. Something you will always remember with a big smile wrapped on your face. Victory or whatever you came for, let it be what you valiantly run for and return home with. When it comes to things you strongly believe it is your destiny to achieve them. Let nothing you feel stands on your way. Let all you feel become energy. Let them know when the heart and soul meets, a champion rises. It is in your blood to be this way. It is in your will to become what you trained hard for.  It’s all you now!


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