My wisdom to you

Focus on your passion.
Work hard. Live good.
Share and show your knowledge .
Enjoy what you do. 
Never dread waking up.
Never see a giant in your path that is not you.
Never go unto a worthless battle.
Have peace at your home.
Never complain of what has passed.
Do your best physically and mentally to see best thing happen ahead of you.
Feel good about yourself and what you do.
Never make promises, but humbly do more than it is in your heart or your words can describe.
When you get hurt or betrayed,  never cry like a little puppy, remember you breathe the same air with the Lions.
Never let your spirit fall asleep, for a sleeping giant is a dead giant.
never holds anger or grudges, only thing that’s meant to be held is joy and peace.
Never hate, but learn.
Never allow doubt and fear cage or define you.
You’re a warrior within, live life a warrior too.
Life is and can be better each day.
Love someone.
Live life to the fullest.


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