Being reborn

Healing from an injury.
Healing from an illness.
Healing from an accident.
Healing from a broken heart.
Healing from a long journey.
Healing from whatever you’re facing.
When healing is done, you get to be reborn again. So tread gratefully through this journey for it will turn out well. What becomes of you should not be shadowed by where you left of come from. Embrace the new life, lead it with courage of new beginnings and sheer passion. You’re not longer at war with life, but at peace with it. Your heart no longer feel troubled, but lifted with excitement. Your face is no longer hardened by sadness, but soften with a joyful smile.
You’re not longer hurting, but living life one day at time and better with each day. Each day you wake up with spirit  and return not to your feelings, but to your soul. You rise up to live the present and not the past. You live a warrior and not a victim.


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