Be thirsty. Be hungry

No one with great thirst, can stand in front of a tap, and only put a few drops of water on his glass and be satisfied with it. To be satisfied the glass has to be filled to the top.
If you have  dreams you want to achieve. You must work hard to be on top shape. Turning everything you’ve ever defeated with or endured into energy. To attain perfection. You must be solemn, focused and obsolete, you must lay down your life for it, give it your heart and soul.

Remember, the time you have and the ones to come is far more greater than the ones you’ve had. Seize it, and turn it into a life that you breath and defines you.  Dedicate it to seeking the goals that fills you and satisfies you. To spend this time regretting the time you’ve lost or wasted in the past, makes no difference for you’ll still be living in your past. The present is for those who rise and those who live it with a purpose that does not fear to reach for the future.

From one warrior to another I must remind you to awaken your spirit, for without it, defeat will enjoy making a meal out of you. To come this far to have less or nothing must never become your fate. Let your existance in this life stand for triumph and nothing less. Even a little rain makes a big difference to the grass, let your sweat do the same on your quest. Remember,  Victory belongs to those who wants it the most; the question is…. are you among them?


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