Respect your fellow runners


I hail from a land where running is a noble path to a great life. Training is like a sacred thing. it must be given honor, discipline, dedication, passion, time, thought, dream is all wrapped around training to become a successful runner, it is not an easy life. Most of the time one gets visited by things they cannot control, injury, hunger, being broke and sickness, but those who do not give up end up making it.

For some success takes it time to reach them and for some it never at all. But when you go deeper you will realize running world can be filled with drama, ego and personalities which can distract from it’s true purpose. It is easy to become disillusioned with the running when faced with this sea of the human condition that can flood the training.
For me finding a place of internal balance while dealing with this human condition is part of the practice.

A certain amount of disillusionment comes with training that can reveal your growth, values as well as fears which can be healthy.
The most challenging is when our guides and teachers/coaches do not live up to these ideals or when their humanity is revealed and it is not as enlightened as we hoped. It is hard to separate the passion of running from the people who practice it as their personal lifestyle and personality can become intertwined making it hard to unravel.
I always think of all runners as one giant family, a family that encourages the world to move with joy, chase a goal, enjoy your body, you are amazing. If you are a member of this family it is not wise to belittle others just because they don’t run long or fast as you. The same sun that warms your face, shines my life. Our abilities might be different just like our bodies is, but our passion is the same. Enjoy what you do, and push and inspire others to become better if you’re better than them. Never use your ability to belittle others. No coach ever does that.
Running existed long before training for it was a thing, but what changed there was that it was used as a path toward self realization, a swift way to get somewhere, wisdom and enlightenment. This is what attracted me to running, the strong connection and association with running as self development. In addition to self development it is about Love, love for your self, your fellow beings, your community, your health and for what beautiful things the human mind, body and spirit are capable of. At the end of the day people are people and though I don’t love all of our ways, I do unconditionally love humanity.
Tomorrow I am going to run with the best runners and an amazing coach I know. Its going to be epic. We are going to roar like lions.


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