Vote wisely America. Vote for a leader who speaks compassion and not hate and vengeance

Dear great Americans. Lets be honest, as a foreigner I share the same view with many foreigners that America is a great country. I dont know when America stopped being great and why it should be made great again. If greatness they speak of to bring back to me on my view it seems like the one everyone is trying to overcome and heal from. The racism and hate that it once roared like it is shown by Trump supporters. If you can easily turn against your own, I cant even imagine what you will do to your neighbour.

Quit turning America into a sleeping giant, the world has enough of that and its not pleasing. Wake up, rise up and be the Land of the Brave and Free. Quit behaving like you seek vengeance. Gaze into your heart and soul, you can do better than this. You’re born of love, do your duty to build a nation of compassion. You’re born of brave, stand up and build a nation of honor. You are land created by all walks of life.
To be American is a privilege and something many are willing to die for so its beauty can continue to shine, dont ruin this gift by becoming evil to others. We do not accomplish love by hating. We do not achieve peace by hurting. We do not heal by tearing others. We do not become great by inciting hate and chaos.  You are better than this. You are great and forever will be, but that can easily be changed if hate take root in your heart. In the end we are all going to age and leave this life, and it is netter we live a great life and leave this life better than we found it.

We are all home and we are travellers to this life. We are all leaves of the same tree. We are one breath, one people no matter our size, looks, heritage, religion or color. You are not a sheep nor an animal, dont be fooled to follow nor shape a path that will hurt and destroy others. You are better than this, because it is your responsibility and destiny to be better.

The great America I know has built more brigdes than walls. The great America I know has build more homes than destroy. The great America I know has given more opportunity than suffering.

A time has come for you to choose a leader who will be more than your leader but a role model and a noble voice to the world. Choose a leader who speaks with compassion, and not anger and inciting hate into your hearts. Each day you strive to lead a positive life, why throw away now your lifestyle and peace?. You are better than this.


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