Run the best race of your life when the gun goes off


Meb Keflezighi of the US, crosses the finish line to win the Men’s Elite division of the 118th Boston Marathon in Boston, Massachusetts April 21, 2014 . AFP PHOTO / Timothy A. CLARY (Photo credit should read TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images)

To those racing tomorrow. Concentrate the mind on the present moment, and bravely run with passion and energy of all days you sacrificed to rise like the sun and prepare for this quest you’re about to fulfill. Run the best race of your life. You mustn’t worry about the course, plot how you’re going to brutally clobber it. You mustn’t worry about the weather also, be in control of what you can, your energy and pace. If you waste it on worrying, you will endurance will have no spine to withstand the treacherous parts of the race. You sign up to do something inspiring, something real, something joyous, something great, make sure you wake up to do exactly that for it is your destiny.
In this journey you’re about to embark, nothing will be against you but yourself. You’re going to face that person you’ve facing in the mirror a thousand times, and just like that person has been beautiful, feel that way too on your way to the finish line. There will be times you will think you’re suffering and you’re in pain, remember thats just thoughts, the real you is not the mind or the body but the spirit within, the warrior within, the champion within. You are so much more than you feel or think, and there is no telling how great you can be.
Like it will be your fate in the future, what you’re about to do has been unfurling since you came to be. You’re a river heading the ocean. You’re the wave from the ocean rushing to the beach. You’re the wind that climbs the mountain. You’re the mountain that stops the clouds. You’re the clouds that makes the storm. You’re the rain that makes everything grow. You’re the sun that fears nothing. You’re made of energy and everything great. Greatness runs in your blood.

Do not fear what you love. Do not fear a day that holds your dream. Do not fear a part of you that you have been waking up to shape and sharpen, remember a warrior does not fear his sword, he uses it to slay whatever the battle brings him or her. This is your day. You got this.


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