Speak of the good in your life

Speak of your victories and you will walk tall with confidence, and not your loss and defeats.

Speak of things that have given you joy for in the end thats all that matters and who we’re meant to be, and not the ones that broken and hurt you.

Speak of all that makes happy and cherish them, and not those that makes you sad and bring you down.

Speak of possiblities and strongly believe in it, and not doubts that barks at you like a dog in the other side of the fence.

Speak of courage and root it in your heart, and not fear, for it will deny you the strength of achieving your dreams and great things in life that destiny had set for you.

Speak of good things in your life and write them in the walls of your heart that they will happen some day, and not the bad things that stand in the shadows of your thoughts.

Speak of those you love, and not those whom you hate, for if you do you’re living your life the wrong way.

Speak of forgiveness, rather than awakenning resentments and anger that will turn you not only someone but something else that breathes fire and has a wound size of a valley that cannot be healed. Remember a tree never gets angry at the wind because the wind blew of its leaves, a tree stands strong and with patience of time new leaves will start to grow.

The words that you often say and think of cultivates something that you may become. Everything shapes us, some will anchor us down, and some will allow us to grow, the one you hold upon is what will fuel and strengthen you or empty and weaken you… The choice is always yours to make, but it is not the one that wavers in your mind, but the one that stands for greater good in your heart.


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