Never get tired of being brave

We are all looking for something that we can’t get enough of it, for me I like to call it a quest for victory. If you’re among the warriors who wake up every dawn to embark to this journey aspiring to conquer your destinies….. well then my dearest fellow It will be a great honor to yourself if you never get tired bearing that tremendous spirit, for it is a mark of champions.

With that spirit you can live through allot, so do not be afraid of whatever may arise, in another of my favorite words words I will say ”Just like the dark rises and hides the sky, the dawn will come and the sun will rise and shine upon you, so you may shine too, be like a strong tree and you will always withstand everything.

Our body is tougher than rubber. Our will can push us to a point we never knew it is possible, so always have faith in yourself and never let doubt sway your ability and beliefs, for the strength of our spirit cannot be measured.

Fight back when you’re down, fight hard when your guts is still raging and determined like a wild fire, for all conquest in life comes with a price, that you must accept to pay.
The injuries that you savor are not meant to break your heart, but to mend you for a greater comeback and be someone you never knew you could ever be, there’s a redemption for those who persevere, so don’t let the dark clouds drown your spirit, it’s just in every journey the path we have chosen goes through a treacherous dark valley, and we must not get discouraged or look in fear on the things that trouble us, but keep going strong determined step by step forward and our spirit and focus we lead us there…

The pain that you feel when you push yourself to unfamiliar depth is destined to make you stronger and tougher if you choose to endure it…. Just remember after soreness comes soaring, and after trials comes triumph.

When you’re facing uncomfortable circumstances you mustn’t be fooled or swift to quit, embrace your challenges and crush them like a hyena crushes a carcass, and whatever results may unfold humbly accept it, for a warrior does not beat himself when he is beaten, a warrior survives and composes himself to live and fight another day…. moments of our tests defines us.


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