The long journey

My spirit has listened to the trees that surrounds me – teaching me every day to stand strong on my grounds.
I’ve listened to the raging and calm rivers that said to me to stay on your path and be determined till I overcome all, and achieve my journey.
I’ve learned from the shadows of the humble morning light, and the shadows of the evening dimming sun, teaching me not everyday will be bright, but there will always be light even in the dark, and just like the sun I must rise as high as I can with everything I’ve got in me, and when I fall, when tomorrow comes never fail to rise again.

I have seen fear and anger in the sky, felt its weakness in the wind. Restless spirit is my determination. My heart beats like the sound of the warriors drum inside a cave full of rhythm of life. Inside that cave there’s joy, there’s wisdom, there’s grace, and there’s a warrior. There’s Me.

Surrounded by lessons from the rivers, trees, the mountains and the sky high above, to deep in the stars – All I need to survive its written everywehere around me and within me, saying be responsible with your life. Be mindful with your ways, actions and words. Do your part, do your best, shine and you will prosper. A sacrifice was made the day I became a warrior and my weakness feel down and became my shadow. I followed my steps and swiftly charged upon my destiny. I’ve learned from yesterday, when it said to me the victories I’ve had were nothing but a meal, and to have another meal I must face the battle and defeat the monster called the odds, and eat its soul so joy may last.

On this quest I have failed greatly and savored the bitterness of piles and piles of defeat, but from the lessons that surrounds my realm kept me going, kept me strong, kept me believing that a glorious day is coming, and the monster is getting weak because it us a mountain that i’m climbing, giving up the fight is not in my blood. Life ahead I must capture and live it to the fullest. May no pain or loss drown the joy and peace that is instilled within me. As long as I still breathe and live, may the gods of my ancestors and the spirit of warriors before me continue to watch over me on this journey.


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