Love is in us all

In warrior teaching, we say: Love is not something we invented.
It’s not for the religious or the spiritual.

Love is not God that one must search for, but feel within themselves.
It’s a language of the universe.
It’s the light in the sky, and the rain that falls from the sky.

Animals and nature posses it too.
It does not speak much, but it is much and speaks through everything.
Love is an energy, like the one that makes the earth float in space.

It’s in the warmth of the Sun.
It’s why we have what we have and hold so close and dearly.
It’s why we wake up to chase our goals and seek to be the best.
It’s an identification thats required to enter the gates of success.

Love is many things, but it only shows through feel and touch.
Its the strength and peace that we have.

It’s also the good, respect, joy, courage, sacrifice, understanding, empathy, kindness, forgiveness that we show to ourselves and unto others.

Love is the reason we don’t know how long we’re going to live.
Love does not waste its energy.
Above all, Love does not want us to know what we can’t know, it wants to live what we can live, and live it to the fullest because we know we are capable of living that much.

Love is all we have, without it, we’re nothing. So love yourself and one another.
Be the name that you are and the loving spirit that you are within and that’s all you ever can be, it is what you’re meant to be.


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