Find what your are within you and what you seek out there

Opportunity does not knock on a door, it is out there to be found.
Don’t sit back awaiting miracle or anything to happen in your life,
A turtle never moves until his head is sticking out.

Go out of that shell you call comfort zone and make your life better than where you are.
Go out and reach for your goals.
Go out to the land where greener pastures dwells.

Dream but strive to fulfill it, just never let the sun rise and set while you are waiting, hoping and dreaming under the roof of your comfort zone, life is about stretching your ability.
Be full of courage and determination.

Be swift to make a sacrifice when life chokes you.
Move on and even go further than you have come.
Your courage and determination is what defines you.

Always be of courage, for it is one of the natural gifts we posses, every journey has its challenges and obstacles but don’t get caught tired up in knots of fear when the door of opportunity opens.

Always be ready to make a move on life when opportunity arises, and when there is no chance to be up there where you dream to be, use your courage and determination to make one and be where you want to be, just dare and you will never regret for being brave efforts.


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